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[ Renewables permitted on public lands surpasses hydropower ]

Recently, an important milestone was reached: renewable energy projects approved on public lands in the past six years will, when built, produce more energy than all of the hydropower projects created in the past 100 years—including the Grand Coulee and Hoover d



[ Last minute Green Gifts ]

Gift ideas for the Greenie in your life. 

– Wishbone Design ‘Recycled Edition (RE) Bicycle’. The bike is made out of  100% recycled carpet.

Garden in a can

Nalgene water bottles.. leakproof…. hardy and virtually indestructible, are favorites of hikers.

-The Hope Necklace/ Ten Thousand Villages 

-Eddie Bauer’s  MicroTherm StormDown Field Jacket -comfortable, guaranteed to keep warm even when it’s -5°F out, and made from 50 percent recycled materials.

-SIERRA CLUB’s ‘Adopt a Wild Animal program’ is the perfect gift for someone who’s concerned with the fate of endangered species.

Winter Eco-Gear

Have a Happy, Healthy & Greener 2016!  Try ‘1 Thing’! It will make a difference! HR 


[ Celebrate 2016 w/ the National Wildlife Federation ]

NWF GOT WILDLIFE 591X218Celebrate 2016 with Entercom ATX  showing love for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and the Garden Wildlife Program that encourages creating a haven that is safe and welcoming for local wildlife.  Helping out Mama Nature where you live/ work/ play is a great start to the New Year! Here’s more info on it and how to get certified.


For more than 40 years, the National Wildlife Federation , through its Garden for Wildlife Program has engaged homeowners, businesses, schools, universities, places of worship, parks, civic and community organizations and others in creating and certifying wildlife-friendly landscapes on their properties.

The NWF Community Wildlife Habitat program, started in 1997, empowers citizen leaders to take action for wildlife in their own communities. The program provides these leaders with a framework to restore wildlife habitat and educate and engage community members while working to attain NWF’s esteemed certification as a wildlife-friendly community.

Communities of all sizes are encourage to apply. They work with large cities and counties as well as small towns and neighborhoods.

Whether you have an apartment, balcony or a 10-acre farm, a schoolyard or a business, or anything in between, everyone can create a welcoming haven for local wildlife. Turning your space into a Certified Wildlife Habitat ® is fun, easy and makes a big difference for neighborhood wildlife. Get started today!

NWF celebrates and recognizes more than 80 communities that have worked for over two years to achieve their national status as a certified NWF Community Wildlife Habitat. Leaders among their peers, they have risen to the challenge, improving their community both for wildlife and the overall health and well-being of their community.

Click on the communities from your state who has achieved certification, as well as a profile of the community. Click here. Helping out Mama Earth where you live/ work/ play is a great start to the New Year!


[ Eco-Friendly 2016 Commute.. ]

With  2016 just around the corner, now is a good time to think about 1 Thing you can do to help out Mama Earth/ ATX! What about a ‘Greener Commute’?

Here are 3 ways that would be helpful:

1.) Change up your mode of transportation
2.) Make Your Commute smarter 
3.) Don’t commute at all ( not easy for most)

Here are the details…


[ Statement on the Wilderness Society’s 2015 CAPE awards recognizing BLM efforts ]

Jennifer Dickson

The following statement is from Nada Culver, Senior Director for Agency Policy:



[ How to give mutual funds to The Wilderness Society ]

Dec 21, 2015

Thank you for considering a gift of mutual fund shares to The Wilderness Society!  Making a gift of appreciated assets is a wonderful way to support our critical work to protect our nation’s natural heritage – and it’s easy!  Please note that gifts of mutual funds tak



[ Milestones in conservation of our public lands celebrated in annual Comparative Analysis for Performance Excellence (CAPE) awards ]

Over the past year the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has come a long way in modernizing the way public lands are managed.  The Wilderness Society’s annual Comparative Analysis for Performance Excellence (CAPE) awards acknowledge the work the agency has done from protecting places wh



[ CAPE awards 2015 ]

Dec 21, 2015

This year the Bureau of Land Management moved to finalize some important plans that solidify the agency’s new approach to public lands management – one that reimagines multiple use management to truly encompass the many uses of our public lands, from wildlands conservation to recreat



[ IRA sample letter (PDF) ]

Dec 20, 2015

Sample letter to IRA administrator to request a direct charitable distribution from an individual retirement account to The Wilderness Society.



[ Wilderness Society Statement on Final Passage of Year-End Budget Deal ]

Kate Mackay

Alan Rowsome, Senior Director of Government Relations, Lands; (202) 429-2643, alan_rowsome@tws.org