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[1THING] Blog: Archive for June, 2016

[ Interior Department closes egregious loophole on coal, oil and gas royalty valuation ]

Anastasia Greene

Today the Department of Interior announced its final guidelines to ensure that the American public receives its fair share from oil, gas and coal


[ New campaign fights special interests that are trying to privatize America’s national parks, forests and natural heritage ]

Kate Mackay

Today, The Wilderness Society launched OurWild, a campaign to engage Americans in the effort to protect our national parks, forests, deserts and wildlife refuges. 


[ Live Green & Save Green ]

LIVE GREEN SAVE GREEN 591X218Shannon from Entercom Wilkes-Barre shared this with me, and I wanted to pass the AWESOME 1Thing 411 to you that can also save Green! Many times you hear about and see environmentally friendly items or ideas that are fantastic, but pricey.  I’ve heard people say, ‘I’d be more Green if it wasn’t so expensive.’  Understandable, but there is such a thing that could be your 1Thing that is affordable to Go & Be Green.  Here are some examples of things you can do.  You should try 1 over the holiday weekend. 1Thing really does make a difference.

Here are 6 things to help you Live & Save Green!

1.) Buy less packaged foods 

2.) Eating less meat 

3.) Recycling old phones

4.) Carry a Canteen/ Reusable water bottle

5.) Shopping second hand

6.) Riding a Bike 

Click here for all the details on these 6 Green things that could  be a 1Thing for you and save you Green. Give one or two or all of them a try and see how it goes.  – HR

Here’s cool 411 on how to replace quick disposable to reusable items. They can also save you Green while being Green. More 1Thing ideas here.


[ Wildlife refuges under attack: 3 examples of recent onslaught ]

National wildlife refuges are some of our most accessible public lands, and some of the least appreciated.


[ A bright spot amid Brexit? Growing momentum for global climate action. ]

The broad-based approach of the Paris Agreement has made the politics of climate change much more resilient than before.


[ US, Canada, and Mexico take bold actions to advance clean energy and meet climate goals ]

Stacy Miller

[ Charge It up!!! ]

CHARGE IT UP 1THING 591X218There’s pilot testing happening at a Sonic  in the Hill Country (and also in Colorado) . Two electric charging stations were recently installed at the Sonic off West Bandera Road in Boerne, TX. It’s about 90 miles SW of downtown ATX. They are the first and only charging stations at a Sonic in Texas.  They’re excited to see how much they are used. If there seems to be interest in the next few months, things could expand. It’s a wait and see how the test goes. The charging stations are free for customers. There is also consideration of a promotion to reward electric vehicle drivers for using them.

So right now a 1Thing is being tested, and hopefully it goes well for more to open at your favorite Sonic. it would be cool to be able to Charge Up your ride, while you’re charging yourself up w/ some yummy tator tots (One of my faves). Click here for more 411! It could be a 1Thing you can easily do and eat yummies at the same time. It’s a Win/Win to me! – Heather R




[ BLM policies favor oil and gas above all other uses of public lands ]

Anastasia Greene

The Bureau of Land Management’s current approach to managing our public lands is allowing companies to lease most of America’s public lands for oil and gas development – with ov


[ No Exit: Fixing the BLM’s Indiscriminate Energy Leasing ]

Jun 28, 2016

This report describes how the U.S. government agency that oversees 700 million subsurface acres of oil and gas resources on nearly 250 million acres of public lands is saddled with outdated and unbalanced policies, often contradicting its own mandate to manage the land for multiple uses.


[ Is Alaska, another oil state, the next frontier for climate action? ]

I was not surprised when I looked out the airplane window and saw rows of wind turbines spinning against majestic, snow-covered mountains.