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[ Playing the “long game” means protecting the Arctic Ocean from oil spills, reducing climate change ]

Tim Woody

Gov. Bill Walker, Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott and Alaska Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Andy Mack met this week with senior members of the Obama administration, urging them to keep the Arctic Ocean in the upcoming final version of the 2017-2022 federal offshore leasing program.


[ Legal arguments for state takeover of public lands are losers in the courts, says report from Western Attorneys General ]

Michael Reinemer

As reported in an AP story today, a report recently adopted by the Public Lands Subcommittee of the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) shows there is little legal b


[ Westerners overwhelmingly support commonsense coal reform ]

Caroline Mosley

Yesterday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced that they had received hundreds of thousands of public comments from Westerners in support of federal coal leasing reform.


[ 7 Tips to Fight Plastic Pollution ]

7 Tips to Fight Plastic Pollution




Enormous gyres made up of plastic “soup” have been found in all our oceans. The infamous North Pacific Gyre, also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, covers an area twice the size of Texas! Meanwhile, plastic chemicals like BPA are endocrine disruptors and, when ingested over time, can cause cancer, birth defects, and behavior problems.

All this plastic is wreaking havoc on our health and environment. Here are some tips from EarthShare members on fighting back against plastic pollution:

Support Bag Fees and Bans. Policy is the most effective tool to fight plastic pollution. Tell your local, state, and federal politicians that you want to dis-incentivize wasteful plastic use. Check out the cities that have already done it.

Put pressure on manufacturers. If you believe a company could be smarter about its packaging, make your voice heard. Write a letter, send a tweet, or give your money to a more sustainable competitor (NRDC).

Volunteer to Cleanup a Waterway. Sign up to participate in one of Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanups or Surfrider Foundation’s Cleanups. It’s a fun (and eye-opening) way to care for your local environment.

Reduce *Before* Recycling. While it’s better than the landfill, recycling plastic isn’t a sustainable solution. Plastic degrades as it’s recycled and is sometimes exported to other countries. Reduce first, then reuse, then recycle (Save Our Shores).

Keep Plastic Out of the Kitchen. Avoid heating plastic containers and use kitchen dishes and implements made of glass, porcelain, wood, and stainless steel instead (CEHN).

BYO (Bring Your Own) Everything. From utensils and mugs to bags and diapers, we can kick the single-use habit by purchasing longer-lasting products meant to be reused (Surfrider Foundation/Earth Island Journal).


[ Pumpkin Patches here ]

Pumpkin Patches here 591x218Celebrating Fall outside w/ Mama Earth is a very special #1Thing you can do. Family time outside picking your favorite pumpkin to enjoy together. Thanks to DO512 for the ‘Pumpkin Patch 411 Hookup’!  

1.) Barton Hill Farms – Bastrop , TX

2.) Elgin Christmas Tree Farm –  Yes, they have pumpkins too

3.) Evergreen Farms – Elgin, TX

4.) Sweet Berry Farms – Marble Falls , TX

5.) The Jersey Barnyard – LaGrange , TX

6.) Austin Oaks Church – ATX

7.) Crown’s Nest Farms – Manor , TX

8.) South Texas Maize – Hondo , TX

9.) Red Barn Garden Center – ATX

*If you know of more please email me w/ the heads up to share the  Pumpkin Patch  Fall Fun! Post here.

Hang on to the Pumpkin insides to make a yummy pie.   With the pumpkin seeds, you could grow one. Click here. You can also make a nutritious snack by baking the pumpkin seeds. Click here.  Have Fun & Enjoy Fall time w/ your family & friends!


[ BLM chooses smart planning in Tres Rios ]

Anastasia Greene

On Monday, September 26, the Colorado Bureau of Land Management state office announced that it will be pursuing a master leasing plan in Southwest Colorado.


[ Clean Power Plan’s day in court: 4 facts you didn’t know ]

Opponents have conceded the EPA has authority, and some other surprising elements about the case.


[ Help Honey Bees Stay Alive & Buzzing ]

1thing_honeybee_flipperOur sister cluster  Entercom Kansas City wanted us to help spread awareness for the month of October about the Honey Bees. Support for the Honey Bee Coalition is needed to help w/ the declining numbers of Honey Bees. Here’s 1Thing you could into that will help keep Honey Bees alive and buzzing making that sweet stuff many of us enjoy w/ tea, in and on our foods & a lot more. It would be Terrible if we had a world w/out Honey Bees!

Check this out:

Honey bees support billions of dollars in agriculture. But today, a major decline in honey bee health has put agriculture, healthy lifestyles, and worldwide food security at risk.Many of the nutritious fruits and vegetables we enjoy require honey bee pollination – approximately 1 in 3 bites of the food we eat!  The Honey Bee Health Coalition brings together beekeepers, researchers, government agencies, agribusinesses, growers, conservation groups, manufacturers, consumer brands and other key partners with the goal of reversing recent declines in honey bee health and ensuring the long-term health of honey bees and other pollinators.  More information here on how to spread the word and help the Honey Bees! 


[ New research and academics helping think through economic factors that will shape the future of coal on public lands ]

The workshop, organized by Columbia University, brought together industry analysts, bankers, traders, and credit raters—with a dose of government and academic experts.



[ National forest trail maintenance legislation passes House ]

Michael Reinemer

Today the House of Representatives approved H.R.