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[ Wilderness Society welcomes Teresa Lane as VP of philanthropy ]

Michael Reinemer

The Wilderness Society has hired Teresa Lane as its vice president of philanthropy. She began work with the organization this week.


[ One year ago, Trump launched his attack on our public lands. This is what’s happened since then ]

Since President Trump’s executive order targeting national monument lands, we have had a year of policies that encourage aggressive drilling and mining in or near wild public lands.


[ 2017 Annual Report ]

Apr 25, 2018

2017 Annual Report


[ Scott Pruitt’s other toxic legacy: voter cynicism ]

On the eve of two key hearings, the scandals swirling around the EPA chief continue to erode public trust in government.


[ TDS at Work Tip ]

Our friends at Texas Disposal Systems has been keeping Central Texas clean for 40 years. To celebrate their 40th during Earth Month , they put together 40 Tips, that are great 1THINGs to do. Recycling is important at home & at work. If your office /work doesn’t have a recycle program, here are some tips on how you can get one started. #40Ways  #40WayswithTDS

Launching a Recycling Program at Work is broken down to 6 tips to get started and keeping it going! 

  1. Get Others Involved
  2. Talk to Management
  3. Estimate the Amount of Recyclables
  4. Figure Out the Details
  5. Tell Others
  6. Remain Open to Improvements

Click here for all the details!

Here at ENTERCOM ATX we have 10 1THING Pledges! 





[ Proposal for wilderness areas in Río Grande del Norte moves forward ]

Jennifer Dickson

Congressman Ben Ray Luján filed a bill today that would provide the highest level of protection for some of the wildest public lands within the Río Grande del Norte Nation



[ BLM methane rule repeal comment period ends with no public meetings ]

Tony Iallonardo



[ Less Trashy in ATX! ]

honey Ted & I did #1THING to celebrate #EarthDay yesterday by picking up trash close to our home in SW ATX! Check out the video player below on the 1THING main page. You’ll see just a small part of what was trashy and cluttering up our pretty view in SW ATX!  There’s TONS more to be done, but every little bit helps. If you don’t see it, click here! #1THING #LessTrashyinATX


[ Our Wild Forests in trouble again as Congress unleashes new attack ]

Proposals being considered in the House of Representatives would allow damaging logging practices in some of our wildest “roadless” forests.


[ ENTERCOM’s 1THING for a Happier 2018 Earth Day and beyond… ]

ENTERCOM has teamed up w/ Conservation International to save 400 acres of Elephant Habitat in Africa.  Click the photo to find out more! Have a Happy Earth Day and make each day a Happy Earth Day! The Happier the surroundings around us, the Happier we all can be!  It just takes #1THING