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[ Why environmental groups are speaking out after Charlottesville ]

In a country hobbled by racism we must address civil rights to be able to make true environmental progress.


[ Here’s why putting more tax dollars behind coal is such a wasteful proposition ]

Imagine what $4.5 billion could do for Appalachia if we spent it to really help this economically struggling region.


[ Sand to Snow National Monument released from Department of Interior review ]

Andrea Alday

The monument fell under review by the Department of the Interior, following President Trump’s April 26th executive order.


[ Environmental and Public Interest Groups Condemn Racist Violence and Intolerance in Charlottesville, Virginia ]

Environmental and Public Interest Groups Condemn Racist Violence and Intolerance in Charlottesville, Virginia

[ Look at this Impressive 1Thing from Marie Claire ]

FashionGreenFriendlymodeldreamscape 591 x 218 1st Sustainability IssueMarie Claire recently released their 1st Sustainability Issue. It has the Fashion, Beauty, Celebrities and more.. ALL MAMA EARTH FRIENDLY!

Here’s 3 of the many topics you will be able dig into:

1.) Green minded Hottie Adrian Grenier showing Love to the Ladies who are his Environmental Heroes

2.) M.C’s Sustainable – Fashion Advisory Board

3.)  Miroslava Duma on the Biggest Sustainability Problems Facing the Fashion Industry

Click here for more!  Big You Green Rocks to Marie Claire for Rockin’ the #1Thing Big Time w/ their 1st Issue!

[ New pilot King County outdoor initiative ‘important and pioneering’ ]

Anastasia Greene

The Wilderness Society is proud to announce its involvement in an initiative with King County Parks and King County Metro – the Trailhead Direct pilot project.

[ Air Pollution Becomes Art ]

carpollution 591x218I never knew this could be a Thing, but it’s definitely a #1Thing. Thanks to friends from the MIT Media Lab in Boston, Anirudh Sharma and Nikhil Kaushik invented Air-Ink, a professional art supply made directly from car exhaust and soot.

  • cars release about 20% of the world’s carbon dioxcide
  • people breathe in an average of 2 gallons of polluted air a minute

Sharma, Kaushik, and the rest of their team at Graviky Labs have cleaned 1.6 trillion liters of air since officially capturing pollution last June. This is impressive and what they do w/ the exhaust and soot turn it into a work of art literally. Environmental Art... “The more Air-Ink we use, the less pollution we breathe—simple,”  Click here to see some of the Amazing art and how it’s done! #1Thing that is helping Mama Earth and getting lots cool points too!

[ Media Advisory for Aug. 16 Tele-press conference: Western voices join millions in condemning Trump administration review of national monuments ]

Michael Reinemer


[ Pruitt’s inquiry gives climate science the reality TV treatment ]

This is an attempt to confuse the public and sow doubt about an already-settled issue.


[ Austin Curbside Composting Program is Expanding.. ]

Compost 591x218Starting October 2, Austin Recourse Recovery is adding 38,000 more customers to the Curbside Composting Collection w/ plans to add all curbside customers to get this service by 2020. The composting program collects food scraps, yard trimmings and food soiled paper. They are converted into nutrient – rich compost.  The goal ATX’s Zero Waste goal is to get 90 of materials out of landfills by 2040.

There was a recent study that showed close to 1/2 of everything residential customers send to the landfill is compostable. When compostable material is buried in a landfill, the materials don’t break down properly as they would if in a cmopost pile.  This is a #1Thing  hat helps ATX Big Time!

Visit austintexas.gov/austincomposts for more information.