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[ Entercom’s 2017 Earth Day Gift ]

ETM_EarthDay_1Thingus_Flipper_v1The company I work for, Entercom Radio / Entercom ATX is Awesome!  For Earth Day 2017, they gave to Conservation International to help save the Rainforests by taking care of 150 acres in honor of their employees! That’s a HUGE  #1THING.  Check out what it’s all about. The Rainforest (video) is Kevin Spacey.  It Rocks! Click here.

[ Celebrate Earth Day ]

EarthHeart 591x218Happy Earth Weeek/ Earth Month.. Saturday  4/22 is actually HAPPY EARTH DAY! Here are some cool ideas on how you could celebrate w/ your family & friends.  Then also check out what’s up in ATX this weekend showing Love to Mama Earth! Lots of #1Thing Love going on!

(Thanks to Shannon)
7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day:
Avoid plastics
Plant a garden
Natural Spring Cleaning
Do It Yourself!
Green Groceries.
Go Outside!
Click here to find out how to have fun doing all 7 of these things. Pick 1.. it’s a #1Thing you can do to help Mama Earth on Earth Day / Weekend.

What’s up in ATX?
My friends at ACC have had a bunch of cool events happening all during Earth Week! Entercom ATX helped tending the gardens at the ACC Northridge Campus, which is also a Waystation for Monarch Butterflies. So Cool!  See here.. 

CLICK HERE! to find out all the cool Earth Day / Weekend events happening thanks to Alyssa &  the crew at the ACC Office of Sustainability! They Rock!


EarthHeart 780x520

[ Earth Week Celebration in ATX ]

Monarchcate4ACCNRGDay41917ACCDepartmentofProfessionalPhotography-JenniferKlanika 591x218I had the pleasure w/ some team mates from Entercom ATX & my honey Ted to celebrate Mama Earth and her wonders w/ the Fantastic peeps at Northridge ACC Campus. It was ACC NRG Garden Day. We tended to their community gardens with some cleaning up and planting.  I planted my first 3 flower / plants ever!!!  Northridge ACC Gardens are part of a Waystation for the Monarchs, which is the reason Milkweed is a very important plant to have around. It’s the only one they eat which helps them change into a butterfly.  It really is cool! Click here to see What’s up! #EarthWeekACC   #1Thing

ACC NR Gardens

[ Pruitt visits East Chicago’s toxic neighborhoods – while slashing funding for lead control, cleanup ]

The hypocrisy hasn’t been lost on community activists who fought for years to try protect East Chicago children from lead poisoning.


[ This emerging industry is creating American jobs that Trump’s policies will undermine ]

Trump is putting valuable home-grown jobs at risk by rolling back methane reduction policies.


[ Public health attacks you missed during the Congressional recess ]

More toxic rivers and waterways, more mercury in the air, and more to come.


[ Happier Easter Eggs… ]

NaturallydyedEggs 780x520Happy Easter Weekend!  Also Happyy Earth Month. You can celebrate both when it comes to your Easter Egg creations! Click Here you can find several Eco- Friendly Egg choices. If you plan to dye eggs, rather than chemical dyes, go the Natural Dye Way, which will be better for you and your family and Mama Earth!

Thingies for this 1Thingie you’ll need… 

  • Hard boiled eggs ( preferably white )
  • Dye Ingredients listed below
  • White vinegar ( 2 Tablespoons per quart of water )
  • Pots for boiling ingredients
  • Egg decorations and crayons in case you want to add some pizazz to your eggs
  • Egg cartons for drying the dyed eggs

Color ideas…

RUDDY RED – 3 beets, skinned and chopped or red onion skins from at least 4 onions
YELLOW – 3 Tablespoons of tumeric
GREEN – spinach leaves or liquid chlorophyll
BLUE – a head of red cabbage, chopped

Click here for all the details how to prepare and cook up the ingredients for a cool all natural color for your eggs! Have a Happy & Safe Easter! Try1Thing to make it an even Happier & Safer Easter for you & your family & Mama Earth!

[ 1Thing for Furbabies ]

1THING DONATE VEHILCE AHS 591X218I got word from Ericka & the crew at the Austin Humane Society about a Donate a Vehicle Program to help Furbabies is happening during the month of April.  If you have a ride that you want to get rid of, and have no idea how… This is how! Easy pick up, and no worries. You help raise funds for the Furbabies, and also helping out Mama Earth! #1Thing!  It’s a Win Win all around! Click here for the 411!

877-721-PETS or 877-721-7387 Calls taken 7 days a week

AHS Furbabies are waiting for you and your friends to take them home! #SpreadtheWord

[ Another industry-funded lobbyist tapped by Trump? ]

Industry influence in Trump's White House could expand: Kathleen Hartnett White, a lobbyist for a group in large part funded by the energy industry, is being considered for the Director of the Council on Environmental Quality.


[ Environmental groups urge Secretary Zinke to include public in public land policies ]

Caroline Mosley

Leaders from 16 prominent national conservation and environmental organizations sent a letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke urging him to preserve commonsense energy reforms and ensure th