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4 ways Trump’s infrastructure plan puts Americans at risk

This plan has very little to do with infrastructure – and everything with gutting environmental laws and ignoring risk.


Trump administration aims to turn over America’s oceans to the oil industry

This will allow for massive lease sales that will endanger coastal lands and communities.


We’re fighting Trump’s monument rollbacks in court—so why are plans still moving forward?

Until March 19, the public can formally weigh in on the process by which the government is opening Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments to mining, reckless off-road vehicle use and other damaging activities.

Composting 101

Compost Question Mark 775x515Composting is a Fantastic #1THING to do. It keeps landfills from overflowing, by reducing the amount of waste, but also creates a usable product. Composting is 1THING that is a huge help for the environment in which we all call home!




  • What is Composting?
  • How do you start Composting?
  • What materials are good for Composting?
  • How do you Compost living in an apartment?
  • How do you stop Compost from smelling?
  • How do you speed up the Compost process?
  • What should you Compost?
  • What items should you avoid Composting?

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Interior Department moves to gut safeguards to methane pollution

This proposal is the latest attack on environmental protections by the Trump administration, which has sought to reverse


Could there be a Real World GEOSTORM?

World Map Dreamstime 775x515honey Ted & I watched ‘GEOSTORM‘ via Netflix during the weekend. It stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Wu, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris….  Gerard Butler’s character is Jake, a scientist who is the head of a satellite program that helps control and stop Mama Nature’s huge storms and disasters. When you try to control Mother Nature, you know there’s going to be trouble. Of course someone will want to use it for bad. I don’t remember hearing much about this movie when it came out last October. honey Ted and I were surprised how good it was. It also gets you thinking and talking about the possibilities of this actually happening.  I’d love to say ‘No Way’, but we all know better than that … More here. 

Interior guts important environmental protections on methane

Alex Thompson

Today, the Bureau of Land Management announced a new methane waste rule to replace its own regulations that went into effect only about one year ago.


Trump infrastructure and budget plans deliver a Valentine to polluters

Michael Reinemer

President Trump’s infrastructure and budget proposals are essentially Valentine’s gifts to oil, gas, coal and other extractive interests.

Trump says “Be Mine” to fossil fuel interests via infrastructure scheme and budget

Not only do oil, gas, coal and other fossil fuel interests stand to benefit from Trump’s latest proposals in the form of relaxed regulations and priority status afforded to their operations on public lands, but a provision in the infrastructure plan will give Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke the sole authority to approve oil and gas pipelines through national parks.

Plastic trash is killing coral reefs. Here’s how we can still save our oceans.

Better fisheries management will strengthen the health of coral reef ecosystems that now – more than ever before – desperately need our help.