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[ Easy Seasonal 1Thing … ]

Closest Season Change not dreamstime photo 591x520 CHIt’s easy, but I didn’t say it’s time consuming. I did the ‘Changing of the Seasons’ in my closest yesterday. What I thought would take a couple of hours, took about double the amount of time. But it’s done, and I’m ready for the ATX Heat!  Bring it! What I decided to purge my closest of is heading to Goodwill where it will find another life w/ someone else. Reusing/ Upcycling is a great way to help Mama Earth. What you may not need anymore today, may be something, someone else will find joy and use for! I also discovered a few pieces I forgot I had, so it was like getting a few new outfits without having to pay for them (again).   Win/Win #1Thing

[ Trump is using every tool to sellout our public lands to coal, oil and gas companies ]

On Thursday, March 23, it asked a court to stop a rule designed to ensure taxpayers get a fair return from oil, gas and coal sold from mines and wells on public lands by asking for a “stay.”  The “Valuation Rule” was designed to prevent coal companies from pocketing


[ Happy Earth Hour! ]

EArthHOurclock 591x218 2Shannon sent me a  reminder heads up about Earth Hour tomorrow night. Unplug it all. Turn off the lights.. enjoy the company of your family and friends while saving energy. It’s a Win / Win for all.

Tomorrow/ Saturday  from 8:30p-9:30p local time, turn off your lights for the hour(or even longer)…you’ll be raising awareness for the planet(and saving energy and combatting light pollution) during Earth Hour

Things to do during the hour with the lights off…click here.

Here are a few healthy things(wellness committee shout out) to do during Earth Hour…find them here.

And you can find out all about Earth Hour here.

[ Bathroom Hacks that are all around Green! ]

Bathroom  591x218 Bathroom HacksCheck out these Bathroom Hacks that will save you Green. But they also help out Mama Earth, which makes it #1Thing Green too! Win/Win!

Click photo…


[ Get to know Friends of the Earth ]

Thanks to Eric and the folks in Norfolk for the April feature…Friends of the Earth. Lots of 1Things to be had here… 

Friends of the Earth591x218Friends of the Earth is an international environmental protection organization that “strives for a more healthy and just world”. Their work pushes for reforms politically on a large scale as well as smaller community networks focused on the preservation of shared Earth resources.

“We understand that the challenges facing our planet call for more than half measures, so we push for the reforms that are needed, not merely the ones that are politically easy.” – FOE

Together they have 75 national member groups collaborating for the international conservation effort, representing more than two million activist in more than 60 countries. In the United States, FOE works with Congressmen, state authorities and community groups in all 50 states to urge policymakers and community leaders to “work towards a healthy envirornment for all people.”

Throughout their 47-year history, Friends of the Earth has been working “to change the perception of the public, media and policy makers” and institute global environmental protection efforts. Their main efforts go specifically to curbing the environmental degradationon drivers like public investment, granting corporations the right to pollute, or other factors on federal and state levels.

What Makes FOE Different: 

– They fight for what’s needed over the longer term for all creatures on our planet, not for what is easy or popular in the short term

– They are a loud and fearless voice for the environment and have been for 47 years

– They act globally and locally, with a worldwide networks of activist in 75 countries (and counting)

– They know that solving deep-rooted environmental problems requires exposing and fighting the economic forces that fuel them

– They employ a variety of tactics such as policy analysis, grassroots activism, litigation and creative communication to win their campaigns fairly.

What FOE Has Achieved: 

– Limits the Air pollution from Ships

– Persuaded Thousands of Grocery Stores to Commit to Not Selling Genetically Engineered Salmon

– Stopped Construction of Dangerous Nuclear Reactors

– Exposed Corruption in the Review of the Keystone XL tar sands oil Pipeline.

On an international level they have collaborated to bring projects like the Climate Justice and Energy Program giving communities the right to choose thier own sustainable energy sources, and working with the UN negotiators to agree on climate finance and ending deforestation.

They also have started a Food Sovereignty program aimed to halt genetically modified organisms from human consumption. FOE is also responsible for the Forest and Biodiversity program that campaigns against illegal logging and deforestation and works with communities to manage their forest as well as opposing and exposing the negative impacts of monoculture plantations of cromps like sugar cane, palm oil and soy.

In a statement on their website FOE describes their battles to protect the environment as, “Hard work. But the pressures facing our planet and it’s people are too important for us to compromise.”

For more info visit http://www.foei.org/

[ Why rust belt states are tackling methane when Trump won’t ]

A growing number of states that supported Trump in 2016 are taking steps to rein in methane leaks from the oil and gas industry. It’s easy to see why.


[ In another sneak attack, Senate votes to undermine Alaska refuges. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge next? ]

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is America’s last big, pristine and wild place, and it is facing challenges greater than at any time in more than a decade. When the time comes to decide its future, we must be sure lawmakers don’t repeat the mistake they made this week.

[ Get Your Spring Green Grub On in ATX! ]

GreenSTateofTexas591x218 get Your Green GRub onHey ATX! Spring is officially here! Enjoy it, before it hits 100 soon, and jumps from Spring to Summer! Here is a list of Yummy places to get your Green Grub On In ATX!

1.) Odd Duck – Farm to Trailer … On the top of the Growers Alliance of Central Texas list as one of the most frequent buyers for local farm foods.

2.) Juan Pelota Cafe – In Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop which promotes biking in ATX for a way to get around besides just recreation & competition. The coffee is also Eco- friendly…. 100% Arabica beans, organic, Fair-Trade Certified, shade-grown, bird-friendly and more…

3.) Cafe Bon Appetit– On the campus of St. Edwards Uhniversity. Healthy, sustainable food options for vegans & vegetarians, organic produce from local farms and even the containers are reusable and recyclable/ washed and reused

4.) Snap Kitchen – A platinum level Green business in ATX.  Eco-friendly all around from the building having green bamboo floors, to recyclable and compostable packaging and a menu w/ emphasis on local and organic ingredients…

5.) La Condesa – Locally sourced cuisine. Certified Green meeting standards in many areas of sustainability…water efficiency, waster reduction, furnishings, building materials, food, energy and more. Their cooking oil is recycled into bio-diesel.. and more..

More places to get your Green Grub on in ATX here


[ Get Your Office involved … #1Thing ]

1THING EARTHSHARE OFFICE AND HOME 591X218Entercom Radio has been a Big Supporter of EarthShare going on 20 years. Employees in all their markets have a chance to help Environmental / Eco-Friendly organizations through EarthShare. It’s an easy #1Thing to do, and helping organizations locally or even worldwide.

EarthShare is celebrating their 25Th year. There is an EarthShare Texas where you can help more local and statewide causes.  ESTX makes it easy as possible to help w/ environmental / Mama Earth issues.  Donations can be made directly out of your payroll from $1 and up. You can pick which organization it goes too, or just to EartShare TX in general and they  will be sure to spread it among all the orgazinations in need to protect Mama Earth.  ES History

Entercom ATX has an in office campaign kicking off in April with EarthShare for Earth Month. It could be something to consider doing at your workplace. Click here more more 411.

There are also several ways to help out through EarthShare at home w/ your family. Click here.   It’s a 1Thing that helps MANY Things when it comes to preserving and saving Mama Earth and those that live on her.

[ New report shows State of New Mexico has history of restricting public access and selling-off state trust lands ]

Jennifer Dickson

The state of New Mexico has sold 4 million acres of state trust lands to private interests and extractive industries, some of which endanger the health, environment, and economy of local communities, according to a report released this week by The Wilderness Society.