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[ Sample Letter to IRS Administrator ]

Jun 23, 2017

Sample Letter to IRS Administrator

[ What Scott Pruitt doesn’t want you to know, and why it matters ]

Pruitt has ended the important transparency practice of sharing senior policy leaders’ schedules, a practice which has a long bipartisan history at EPA.


[ Greenest State – Find out where Texas ranks! ]

Unitedstatesoultine1thingdreasmstime 780x520Eco-friendliness is important all across the country. Looks like some states believe that more than others. Finances also play an important part of being Green. Being sustainable and supportive of environmental security is a huge factor when it comes to successfully taking care of Mama Earth. 

Then there’s Climate Change, from powerful damaging storms to extreme heat / droughts. These and  more bad weather events are expecte to cause more than $500 Billion in property damage by 2100. Destroying the Earth on which we all live.

I  know ATX is a pretty Green / Eco- friendly city, which is a huge plus for the state of Texas when it comes to being Green minded. It looks like other places in Texas need to boost up their Green Pride lots more according to this list…  Texas didn’t make the top 10… not the top 20…. not even the top 30.

The state of Texas came in at #36! Spread the word that more needs to be done to help protect & preserve our environment. It’s the only one we have. Let’s take care of it! Do 1Thing to show Love to Mama Earth!
Click here to find out more! 

Greenest States

Overall Rank State Total Score ‘Environmental Quality’ Rank ‘Eco-Friendly Behaviors’ Rank ‘Climate-Change Contributions’ Rank
1 Vermont 78.88 1 2 9
2 Massachusetts 71.39 4 12 6
3 Oregon 71.25 9 1 24
4 Washington 70.23 3 7 20
5 Connecticut 68.96 7 22 3
6 Maine 68.77 11 6 10
7 Minnesota 68.23 2 5 31
8 New York 67.14 12 11 5
9 New Hampshire 66.29 29 10 2
10 Rhode Island 65.72 15 16 4

[ Why it’d be dangerous to overlook Mike Pence’s record on the environment ]

Unlike his boss, Vice President Pence has a long and specific history on environmental issues.


[ New report destroys prime argument for Arctic Refuge drilling ]

Tim Woody

On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline,  The Wilderness Society today released a report that debunks one of the primary arguments allies of the oil industry have put forward to promote drilling in one of America’s last pristine, untouched landsc

[ Eco-Friendly Celebrities to Follow on Instagram ]

LeonardoDiCaprio 780x520 Dan MacMedan CreditGreen Star Power comes from these popular celebrities. They do #1Things for Mama Earth. Follow them and see what’s up!





Eco- Friendly Celebrities on Instagram:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Shailene Woodley

Gisele Bundchen

Salma Hayek

Jessica Alba

Mark Ruffalo

Adrian Grenier

Gwyneth Paltrow

[ Next stop on Trump’s monument rollback campaign: Maine’s Katahdin ]

Just as tourists are arriving at Maine’s Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument for its first official summer season, Interior Secretary Zinke was visiting too — to review its monument status. 

[ “Resilient Forests” bill is a misnomer for attack on wildlife, clean water and forest health ]

Michael Reinemer

Statement from Mike Anderson, senior policy analyst with The Wilderness Society:

[ What has Trump done to the environment so far? A quick rundown. ]

In his latest essay in Foreign Affairs, EDF President Fred Krupp gives a broad overview of Trump's policies in a changing energy landscape. This is your two-minute summary.


[ Thursday Dump the Pump ATX! ]

gaspumpdumpingoutgas with X 591x218Thursday (6/15) is  National Dump The Pump Day. A day to give the car / vehicle a break and try using public transportation. This can help several areas in your life

4 Great reasons why Dumping the Pump is a good thing for you, others and Mama Earth!

1.) Riding public transportation can save you money.  A study showed a 2 person household that went from 2 cars to using 1 saved more than $9,700 a year

2.) Using public transportation also helps ATX grow and prosper. Every $1 invested in public transportation, $4 is returned in economic returns.

3.) It’s a Big #1Thing too. You cut your carbon footprint by not driving and also helps air quality. Lots of #1Thing goodness for Mama Earth, cutting down the amount of vehicles on the road.

4.) It can help your health too especially when it comes to Stress. Not having to bother w/ driving in traffic yourself, you aren’t as rung up. You can chill and leave the driving to the city. Less Stress is does the Body & Mind good

Click here for more! Try it out on Thursday‘Dump the Pump ATX!’ If no on public transportation,  maybe carpooling….