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[ 1Things You Can Do w/ Eclipse Glasses ]

Eclipseglasses 591x218 Things to do e glasses#SolarEclipse2017 was a history maker for many, and the eclipse glasses are laying around as proof. About 2.1 million paper versions were distributed by thousands of libraries in the United States. That many just to libraries, so imagine how many of these glasses are lying around the country. more here

The next eclipse is April 8, 2024. You could hold on to your NASA approved glasses until then. Although some manufacturers  have warnings that the lenses expire after 3 years. So in 7 years , they won’t be as effective for your eyes.

Rather then tossing them, where they will end up in a landfill or worse causing more pollution on Mama Earth. Do 1Thing w/ them to help the environment.

1Things to do w/ Eclipse Glasses:

  • Astronomers Without Borders.
    Collect and re-purpose eclipse glasses and redistribute the specs to under-served South American and Asian schools, where the next solar eclipse will take place on July 2, 2019. More here
  • Recycle them. Take the lenses out and put the paper glass frames in the recycle bin. The lenses /plastic frames find your local recycling location, and find out where they should go.
  • Repurpose- The lenses could be a souvenir for display.
  • Reuse / Repurpose – Ask at schools, libraries and recreation programs if they want them for astronomy activities.
  • Repurpose / creating Astr0-Fashion- Eclipse Lense earrings..
  • Reuse as a sleeping mask / be creative
    more here

Look at ATX on the top of the list for #SolarEclipse 2024 being one of the Best Cities for viewing it!

  • Austin, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Carbondale, Illinois
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Akron, Ohio
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Rochester, New York
  • Montpelier, Vermont
  • Montreal, Quebec

more here



[ Look at this Impressive 1Thing from Marie Claire ]

FashionGreenFriendlymodeldreamscape 591 x 218 1st Sustainability IssueMarie Claire recently released their 1st Sustainability Issue. It has the Fashion, Beauty, Celebrities and more.. ALL MAMA EARTH FRIENDLY!

Here’s 3 of the many topics you will be able dig into:

1.) Green minded Hottie Adrian Grenier showing Love to the Ladies who are his Environmental Heroes

2.) M.C’s Sustainable – Fashion Advisory Board

3.)  Miroslava Duma on the Biggest Sustainability Problems Facing the Fashion Industry

Click here for more!  Big You Green Rocks to Marie Claire for Rockin’ the #1Thing Big Time w/ their 1st Issue!

[ Prom Rack 2017!!! ]

Prom Rack 2017 1Thing 591x218Entercom Austin – Mix 94.7, Majic 95.5, 96.3 RnB and Talk 1370am have teamed up w/ the Write To Me Foundation again this year for Prom Rack 2017! The goal is to help young women from central Texas high schools, in a boutique type setting, get the prom dress and the accessories needed to go to prom for free. Without this, they wouldn’t be able to go to prom. You can help by donating a new or lightly worn dress and / or accessories  to the cause. If you have the perfect dress just sitting in your closest, why not donate it to a great cause. You’ll be making a huge prom memory for a young women in central Texas. If the items you are donating are lightly worn, then you are also doing a 1Thing, by reusing or even repurposing items that would be fitting for prom. This helps Mama Earth too. It’s a 1Thing & community Win Win!

You can drop donations off at any of the 8 area Westbank Cleaners or the 22 greater Austin-area Goodwills. Donations can be made too. Click here for more 411!   Special Thanks to our sponsors The College of Health Care Professions and Mattress Firm

Thank You ATX! #1Thing #PromRack2017


[ KAEPOP w/ COLOUR POP is out… ]

ECO FRIENDLY BEAUTY FASHION COLOUR POP  FLIPPER 591X218Here’s a 1 Thing Green Beauty arrival! KAEPOP a collaboration w/ the COLOUR POP brand. They pride themselves for being “100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved, and only test our products on humans – the ones in our HQ to be exact.” The KAEPOP collection helps out the Environment Media Association (EMA). You might be thinking.. Green friendly makeup products are always EXPENSIVE. Nothing in this collection is over $10, which is fabulous. Something to look into. If this collection doesn’t go w/ your skin tone, COLOUR POP  have lots of other products you can check out, under $10 and friendly to the environment. You can grab it online www.colourpop.com.



[ Physicians Formula Organic Wear… ]

Physicians Formula mascara 020116I ran across this line at Ulta over the weekend. I posted the mascara to see what the verdict for it was. From the responses on the post, the mascara isn’t a big favorite, but their facial powders got a bit thumbs up.  I looked up a bit about the Physicians Formula Organic Wear line. They say they are 100% Natural Origin Makeup & 70% Organic…..



100% FREE OF

Harsh Chemicals
Synthetic Preservatives
Synthetic Colors
Synthetic Fragrances

Their packaging catches the eye, especially the mascara tube. Some thought it was something else until they actually read what it said on the package. I have no idea what they were thinking (?) …    Anyway, Physicians Formula might have some product that work for you, because we all know it’s subjective to a person’s likes, dislikes, allergies and other thingies when it comes to using certain makeups. It does seem like this line thinks about enhancing your Beauty while helping to preserve Mama Earth’s Beauty.


[ Out on April 7th! ]

ECO FRIENDLY BEAUTY FASH8ION 591X218I always try to keep my eyes open for Eco-friendly lines that are coming out that would be more affordable and still great for Mama Earth. Looks like H&M is expanding their Eco-friendly awareness of their clothing line, ‘Conscious Exclusive Collection’ to their re-vamped beauty line. – HR

Here’s some 411 to get ready for April 7th when the new ‘Conscious Exclusive Collection’ clothing & re-vamped beauty line will both debut via H&M!

“The new beauty collection spans 30 products, which range in price from $7 to $13. It’s everything from aluminum-free deodorant to shampoo to face masks, and as seen in Allure’s gallery, it’s all free of GMOS, parabens, silicon, synthetic perfumes, and dyes.


What’s in the products? H&M says it’s using certified organic ingredients, incorporating essential oils as fragrance, and then packaging the products in recycled plastic and paper.” More here! 


[ Green Starpower Makeup Linen just launched … ]

CELEBRITY GREEN 1THING FLIPPER 591X218Heads up on an organic makeupline attached to starpower that’s good for you and Mama Earth! – HR

(Forbes Lifestyle) “Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and entrepreneur Karen Behnke hope to accomplish with today’s launch of their certified organic makeup line under the Juice Beauty Brand. Under Gwyneth Paltrow’s creative leadership,
Juice Beauty’s scientists have developed a new collection of high performance makeup made with
certified organic ingredients. – See more

“I wear makeup heavily in my work,” she explains. “And now that I’m post-40, I’ve started to wear it more often in my day-to-day life. But once my lifestyle website, Goop, started investigating toxicity in these products… I was stunned. I genuinely thought makeup was safe, but that’s not the case.”

Paltrow explains how she “naively” believed in the cosmetics industry to regulate the ingredients in their products, because how, in 2016, is it still legal for American women to unknowingly slather tire lubricants, artificial dye and carcinogens on their face?…

… Gwyneth was involved in product development from start to finish,” Karen Behnke details. “She was there every step of the way, researching how we could use crushed rose petals instead of artificial dye in our lip colors… how plants and seaweeds are actually an effective, natural way to get pigment into your product.

The increasing popularity of natural products and new products to market are finally starting to drive down the price of buying organic, long considered one of the biggest drawbacks for the industry.

“In the next few years, you’re going to see the prices of organic going down as the production quality goes up,” Paltrow continues. “Which is exactly what we want to see. We don’t want eating carcinogen free food, for example, to be a luxury. It’s insane, and it should be the same with beauty.”

And so the new Juice Beauty line, which can legally call itself organic — not an easy feat — aims to have the luxe feel of a Chanel or a Giorgio Armani at a more approachable price point: $20-$48.”

Check out the entire write up here.  You can see if the Juice Beauty organic makeup line would work for you here. 


[ Ran into these over the weekend… ]

A shop at the Oasis over the weekend had these…

MapleXO ERs



Pretty cool!


[ Happy National Don’t Fry Day! (everyday) ]


The ATX Memorial Day Weekend may be more cloudy & wet, than sunny, but this preparing for the summertime is always good to do. In fact everyday should be  ‘HAPPY DON’T FRY DAY!’ Unfortunately my favorite way to relax in the summertime.. catching some rays at the pool/lake/beach is bad for me.  Using protection on the skin is the best thing to do.  Here is some 411 to think about..


Don’t Fry Day

CaptureDon’t Fry Day (DFD) is an annual event observed on the Friday before Memorial Day. Sponsored by theNational Council on Skin Cancer Prevention (NCSCP) along with other organizations, DFD is dedicated to protection and prevention. Don’t Fry Day shines the spotlight on the harmful effects of the sun while raising awareness about the importance of protecting your skin.

As the unofficial beginning of summer kicks off this weekend, people will be spending more and more time in the great outdoors. Now is the time to put that protection plan in place.

The Harmful Effects of the Sun

Ultraviolet rays are the primary cause of skin cancer which is now the most common type of cancer in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 76,000 new cases of malignant melanoma will be diagnosed in the United States this year. Sadly, one American dies nearly every hour of melanoma. And too much exposure can also lead to premature wrinkles and eye damage too.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Wear protection! Make sure to generously apply sunscreen and reapply after swimming, sweating and about every two hours.
  • Confused about what type of sunscreen to use? Check out these helpful guidelines.
  • The bottom line on Buying Sunscreen from Consumer Reports.
  • Stay in the shade if at all possible, especially between 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest.
  • You can burn even on a cloudy day. In fact, some of the worst sunburns occur on a hazy or cloudy day.
  • Cover up – wear sun-protective clothing including a hat and sunglasses.
  • Don’t burn!
  • Before you head outside, check the UV Index in your neck of the woods!
  • The Common Signs of Skin Cancer – Be SunAware and learn the signs.

Celebrate Don’t Fry Day

Shannon sent me the heads up to share w/ you on the ‘Worsties’ and ‘Besties’ sunscreen protections for your skin.


[ Fashion getting more eco-friendly… ]

California is on even harsher water restrictions due to the on going drought! 25% cut in water usage. Some denim creators are doing their part.

“At Siwy Denim, the time that jeans are steam-pressed has been cut in half. Koral Los Angeles is embracing the gray cast that happens naturally when denim is treated without water. Levi’s has saved one billion liters of water to date through its Water‹Less campaign and is also imploring customers to only wash their jeans once every two weeks. High-tech, waterless denim treatments include $100,000 ozone machines that can produce the same effects as bleach, and even more expensive laser machines that can distress jeans in 10 minutes. To get a worn-in look without water, manufacturers are tumbling jeans with synthetic stones.

 More here!