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[ Musicians We Love Who Love Mama Earth … ]

BrunoMarsPrinceTributeatGrammyRobertHanashiroUSATODAYSports m591 x 218Many Musicians we Love do 1Things to help Mama Earth. It’s beautiful Music all around. 

Here are 1Things some Musicians you might recognize / listen too do.  You could do them too!

  •  Pink Enjoys a mostly Vegan diet and protects Animal Rights 
  • Drake has been a part of eco-friendly tours that connect w/ environmental students groups at schools
  • Maroon 5 – Helped develop and are part of the ‘Green Music Project’ Hosting more than 60 non-profit organizations in Reverb’s Eco-Village, fulled their buses w/ bioddiesel, reduced the carbon footprint of their tour and more. 
  • Bruno Mars A Big supporter of ‘The Rain Forest Foundation’ and ‘Make It Right Foundation’. He also supports  Mothers About Making Amends (M.A.M.A. Earth) founded by his older sister Jamie Kailani Hernandez Bayot. Keepin’ Green in the family.
  • Wycliff Jean w/ Justin Timberlake designed eco-friendly footwear w/ proceeds for his Yele Haiti Foundation to help with rebuilding. He’s a strong advocate of organic and sustainable agriculture too.

Click here to find out what other musicians are doing for Mama Earth. You could find a 1Thing that’s cool for you too!


[ Asking Celebrities What’s Your 1Thing ]

LiamPayne1DUSAToday 775x515It’s #1Thing Liam Payne & friends do for Mama Earth that help keep her waters clean…. What’s your #1Thing? Click here!







[ Checking in w/ Ed Sheeran & friends for Celebrity 1Things ]

Celebrity 1Thing ES 591x218If everyone did #1Thing for Mama Earth, it would help the planet we all live on to be much Healthier & Happy. Ed Sheeran w/ his friends Garth Brooks, Tegan & Sara and Jay Pharoah all share their 1Thing. They do it! You can too! Find your 1Thing! Click the video player in the right hand top corner to check out these Celebrity 1Things. Find out what Ed smashes w/ his Mama to help Mama Earth



[ TIMEFLIES Celebrity 1Thing … ]

TIMEFLIES 1THING_CELEBRITY VIDEO_WK 51616_591X218The Timeflies duo: Rez has a green thumb and Cal goes green… more than “Once In A While.”  Sustainability starts with #1Thing. Click the Celebrity 1Thing player. It could be your 1Thing too! Find your 1Thing!


[ X Ambassadors 1Thing … ]

X AMBASSADORS_ CELEBRITY 1THING_WK42516 591X218X Ambassadors –featuring blind keyboardist Casey Harris (who wants to be a public voice for disabled musicians) say, tongue-in-cheek, he “doesn’t have any lights on – most of the time.” You can catch Casey’s 1Thing on the Celebrity 1Thing video player on the top right hand corner of this 1Thing page. Find your 1Thing!


[ Chris Martin’s Celebrity 1 Thing.. ]

CHRIST MARTIN COLDPLAY_CELEBRITY 1 THING_041816Chris Martin/ Coldplay shares a couple of 1Things, and what he thinks about how people treat the environment. Does he have hope for us … HUMANS?  Click the Celebrity 1Thing player on the top right hand corner of the page.


[ Celebrity 1Thing w/ BØRNS ]

12932622_10156806353100230_766101095199013071_nOnly 11 days until Earth Day! BØRNS explains why#Dopamine is also synthesized in plants… Sustainability starts with #1Thing. Click on the1Thing Celebrity video player. You Can Get to Know BØRNS by clicking here.


[ Aurora’s 1 Thing… ]

Aurorars 1 thing snap shot 2Artist to watch out for during SXSW Festival 2016 in ATX is also a  BIG supporter of Mama Earth and helping to keep her Happy.  Watch out for 19-year-old Aurora from Norway. Her debut album, ‘All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend’, is out now.  Click the photo to find out her 1 Thing.  Click here to check out some live ear candy in the Music Lounge earlier today (3/16/16) @AURORAmusic


[ WOTF artist 1Thing… ]

celebrity 1thing Haley Reinhart blog art 2Many celebrities are doing at least 1Thing for Mama Earth. Each thing makes a big difference when it comes to a healthier & happier Earth that we live on. Together we can make a difference. Find out what WOTF artist Haley Reinhart does to help Mama Earth. She hopes you do that same. CLICK HERE!

Catch Haley at West of the Fest 2016 at the Key Bar this Friday (3/18). Doors open at noon. It’s free to get in…first come first get in. 21 & up! The lineup also includes Blue October, Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, DNCE and more. Click here for all the WOTF 411! Thanks T-Mobile!


Here’s the title track single of Haley’s new album ‘Better’ that is coming out in April! Click here!


[ Rising (Green) Star… ]

Alessia CaraAlessia Cara, who by the way is only 19, did a private performance in the Music Lounge.  She’s amazing. Click here to see just how talented she is.  She’s also very eco-friendly and responsible at such a young age. It makes all the difference when we all do at least ‘1 Thing’ for Mama Earth. Click the photo to find out what Alessia does …

What’s your 1 Thing? It’s easy to start one. Do what Alessia does. A reusable water/drink bottle helps Big Time!