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[ Retail Getting Into Clothing Donation Programs ]

clothingdonations 775x515Things are starting to change when it comes to Fashion and Donating Clothing. From Eco- friendly designers and fashion lines, to retail stores having a clothing donation program to help stop filling the landfills up. The Fashion minded are starting to move into a ‘Green Way of Thinking’. Thanks to many shoppers who are voicing their concerns of what do to w/ their clothing when they are cleaning out their closests. With more & more retail businesses making an effort to do their part, it really will help Mama Earth. #1Thing

  • Here’s a #1Thing that Nordstrom is doing by launching a clothing donation program encouraging customers to keep their stuff out of landfills. Nordstrom has partnered with Give Back Box® , a company that sends donations to local charities like Goodwill. The process is pretty easy: You take a box, put your gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories in it, slap on a prepaid label, and drop it off at a UPS or USPS. At the same time, Nordstrom is piloting an in-store donation program at six locations in Washington state where shoppers can just drop their unwanted clothing in Goodwill bins. Way to Go Nordstrom! 

Following in the footsteps of other retailers who have been doing their part doing 1Things:

  • H&M  – In 2013 they launched their garmet collecting initiative worldwide. Shoppers can drop off their unwanted garments, no matter the brand or the condition in all H&M stores across the globe.  They make sure the clothing gets reused or recycled and not end up in landfills. Around 95% of clothing thrown away could have been reused or recycled.  H&M nearest you. Click here!
  • Madewell- Blue Jeans go Green.  1.) Bring your old jeans into any of their stores anytime of the year. 2.) They will be sent to ‘Blue Jeans Go Green’ to recycle into housing insulaion 3.) You’ll get $20 off a new pair of jeans! Click here.
  • REI COOP –  Keeping used gear and clothing out of landfills is important to us. REI makes it easy to donate your gear with Give Back Box® . Click here
  • Amazon works w/ Give Back Box® making it easy to donate items you no longer need to charity with ease and bring new life to your empty Amazon box. Donations go directly to your nearest participating charitable organization using a free shipping label and Amazon (or other) box. Click here. 
  • Loft have partned w/ charities so you can donate gently used clothing and accessories thru Give Back Box® . Click here
  • Levis will give your clothes a second life when you donate the clothing you no longer need through the partnershiup with Give Back Box® Click here

More here


[ Cute Vegan Shoes are Trending! ]

Trending Cute Vegan Shoes930x218

When you think ‘Vegan’, food normally pops in the head. But Vegan can happen w/ other thingies besides food. How about ‘Vegan Shoes’? Yes, there is such a thing as ‘Cute Vegan Shoes’. They are made without animal products like leather or by-products like wool. Fabulous 1Thing additions that can be included in your Fall wardrobe. Or perhaps holiday gift ideas for a Shoe-nista in your life (you too)!


  • RAFA – Several extremely cute Vegan 2017 styles. All hand-made. High quality that does come w/ a price tag. Or course the ones I think are cute are on their high end… STICK BOOTS.They are cute!
  • NATIVE SHOES – Signature Style starts at $40. Offering winter weather- friendly boots, knit athletic sneakers. 100% Vegan company that carries their shoes in women’s, mens, girls and boys options. Venice Print caught my eye for Fall
  • VAGABOND – Swedish shoe label w/ several fall friendly vegan options… booties, chunkyplatforms, flat soles and more. Women’s & Men’s sizes. They have a Vegan / non-animal collection . I’m liking the Aurora chunky heeled loafer.
  • MATT & NATE – Montreal – based shoe label. Everything is Vegan & Sustainable. It’s either ade from recycled or renewable materials like rubber and cork. The styles are on point trendy and classic… block heals, mules, boots and booties and more to chose from. One of my favs is the Sold Out Radisson. They have so much more than shoes.
  • VEGETARIAN SHOES – Based in the UK. Men, Women & Kids sizes. From sneakers to hiking boots to cute loafers. One of my favs Airseal Boulder Boot (Cherry) They ship Worldwide! Vegan Friendly for 26 years plus years!
  • NOVACAS – Spanish for ‘NO COW’! MooShoes house brand. Men and Women sizes. High heel clogs, booties & more! The Sierra Clog caught my eye.
  • VEJA – French  sneaker brand mostly made from recycled and  or organic cotton & wild rubber in Brazil. Price point from $65 – $116. They come in my size 11 and larger!! WATA Black Pierre would be one of my choices.
  • INSECTA SHOES – Brazilian shoe label makes unisex boots, chukkas, oxfords and sandals in cool patterns, velvet and faux- leather. 100% Vegan. Everything is made from recycled bottles & vintage clothing. Their website doesn’t ship to the US, but you can find them online places like MooShoes. Synesthesia Sandal is cute, and not cheap.
  • DOC MARTIN – Yes, they also have a Vegan line of Docs. Best to do the search on their site VEGAN. They have the same iconic look. Women & Men sizes. Vegan Jadon II is one of my picks!

More here!



[ Look at this Impressive 1Thing from Marie Claire ]

FashionGreenFriendlymodeldreamscape 591 x 218 1st Sustainability IssueMarie Claire recently released their 1st Sustainability Issue. It has the Fashion, Beauty, Celebrities and more.. ALL MAMA EARTH FRIENDLY!

Here’s 3 of the many topics you will be able dig into:

1.) Green minded Hottie Adrian Grenier showing Love to the Ladies who are his Environmental Heroes

2.) M.C’s Sustainable – Fashion Advisory Board

3.)  Miroslava Duma on the Biggest Sustainability Problems Facing the Fashion Industry

Click here for more!  Big You Green Rocks to Marie Claire for Rockin’ the #1Thing Big Time w/ their 1st Issue!

[ Prom Rack 2017!!! ]

Prom Rack 2017 1Thing 591x218Entercom Austin – Mix 94.7, Majic 95.5, 96.3 RnB and Talk 1370am have teamed up w/ the Write To Me Foundation again this year for Prom Rack 2017! The goal is to help young women from central Texas high schools, in a boutique type setting, get the prom dress and the accessories needed to go to prom for free. Without this, they wouldn’t be able to go to prom. You can help by donating a new or lightly worn dress and / or accessories  to the cause. If you have the perfect dress just sitting in your closest, why not donate it to a great cause. You’ll be making a huge prom memory for a young women in central Texas. If the items you are donating are lightly worn, then you are also doing a 1Thing, by reusing or even repurposing items that would be fitting for prom. This helps Mama Earth too. It’s a 1Thing & community Win Win!

You can drop donations off at any of the 8 area Westbank Cleaners or the 22 greater Austin-area Goodwills. Donations can be made too. Click here for more 411!   Special Thanks to our sponsors The College of Health Care Professions and Mattress Firm

Thank You ATX! #1Thing #PromRack2017


[ Thank You Austin for helping the Community and Mama Earth! ]

PROM RACK THANK YOU April is Earth Month with Friday 4/22 being Earth Day! Let’s Celebrate a BIG accomplishment that recently happened that couldn’t have without you ATX! Entercom ATX  with Mix 94.7, Majic 95.5 & 96.3RnB helped support the community prom dress drive w/ the Write To Me Foundation’sPROM RACK! We asked you to donate your new or gently used prom/ dresses so many young ladies in high schools in and around the ATX area would be able to go to their prom. You came through ATX with a huge donation of 6,000 dresses that helped over 2,000 young women get the chance to go to prom in a beautiful dress of their choice.  There were even shoes and accessories that were supplied too. ATX ROCKS!

The folks at the  local dry cleaner ‘Westbank Dry Cleaners’ did a fantastic job. They also take pride in cleaning in a Mama Earth friendly way! They believe in committment to the  community and to the environment by keeping it ‘Clean & Green’. ATX ROCKS IT GREEN TOO!

Click here to find out more! We look forward to next year!



[ Green Starpower Makeup Linen just launched … ]

CELEBRITY GREEN 1THING FLIPPER 591X218Heads up on an organic makeupline attached to starpower that’s good for you and Mama Earth! – HR

(Forbes Lifestyle) “Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and entrepreneur Karen Behnke hope to accomplish with today’s launch of their certified organic makeup line under the Juice Beauty Brand. Under Gwyneth Paltrow’s creative leadership,
Juice Beauty’s scientists have developed a new collection of high performance makeup made with
certified organic ingredients. – See more

“I wear makeup heavily in my work,” she explains. “And now that I’m post-40, I’ve started to wear it more often in my day-to-day life. But once my lifestyle website, Goop, started investigating toxicity in these products… I was stunned. I genuinely thought makeup was safe, but that’s not the case.”

Paltrow explains how she “naively” believed in the cosmetics industry to regulate the ingredients in their products, because how, in 2016, is it still legal for American women to unknowingly slather tire lubricants, artificial dye and carcinogens on their face?…

… Gwyneth was involved in product development from start to finish,” Karen Behnke details. “She was there every step of the way, researching how we could use crushed rose petals instead of artificial dye in our lip colors… how plants and seaweeds are actually an effective, natural way to get pigment into your product.

The increasing popularity of natural products and new products to market are finally starting to drive down the price of buying organic, long considered one of the biggest drawbacks for the industry.

“In the next few years, you’re going to see the prices of organic going down as the production quality goes up,” Paltrow continues. “Which is exactly what we want to see. We don’t want eating carcinogen free food, for example, to be a luxury. It’s insane, and it should be the same with beauty.”

And so the new Juice Beauty line, which can legally call itself organic — not an easy feat — aims to have the luxe feel of a Chanel or a Giorgio Armani at a more approachable price point: $20-$48.”

Check out the entire write up here.  You can see if the Juice Beauty organic makeup line would work for you here. 


[ Happy Green Autumn in ATX!!! ]


Autumn’s the perfect time to get your Green on! Here are a few of the many things that you can ‘Fall into Green’. Remember 1 Thing helps lots of Things when it comes to Mama Earth!

Green Halloween Green costume, makeup, treats and more tips…

Green Fall Fashion-  Be Fashionably  Green eco-conscious as the weather gets cooler.  

Green Food Tips-  Green tips, recipes and ways to eat local. Lots of yummy ideas.




[ Cork for 2014? ]

Pelcor label photoThere’s a Portuguese company, Pelcor that makes  umbrellas, bags and more out of cork.

“The cork material used in most of Pelcor’s products is a vegetal fabric extracted from the cork oak tree that thrives in the Mediterranean region. -” Check out this umbrella, just in time for Umbrella Day on February 10th! Cute cork bag.. and more!


[ ‘Green Hottie’ coming to ATX alert…. ]

The SXSW ECO 2013 is going on October 7-9, coming off the back end of the 1st Arians eyesweekend of ACL Musical Festival. ATX is going to be packed w/ lots of celebs. Here’s the heads up on a ‘Green Hottie’ who will be one of the featured speakers @ the SXSW ECO 2013 Conference. Adrian Grenier, who starred in the HBO series,

Entourage. Click here  for more!

Click the photo to get a taste of last year’s SXSW ECO…

SXSW ECO 2012 recap



[ Going Red (Green) wear… ]

Fermented DressesI  heard about this a couple of months ago, and it’s gaining steam.  Coming from The University of Western Australia have figured out a way for garments to literally form themselves without a stitch using wineClick here  to find out more about the ‘WINE WEAR’!  A way to recycle wine, not that I’ve ever run across a problem of leftover wine, but there are more options for a nice Merlot.