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[ 1Thing Green Light on The Trust for Public Land ]

TFPL_Flipper2Entercom Portland, our sister cluster, is shining the ‘1Thing Green Light’ on The Trust of Public Land. 

The Trust for Public Land works to protect the places people care about.  They create close-to-home parks and wild spaces—particularly in and near cities, where 80 percent of Americans live.  Their goal is to ensure that every child has easy access to a safe place to play in nature. The TPL also works to conserve working farms, ranches, and forests; lands of historical and cultural importance; rivers, streams, coasts, and watersheds; and other special places where people can experience nature close at hand. Click here  for more.


[ Happy National Walking Day- Wednesday April 6th! ]

This is Great forHueys Happy 14th Tongue you and Mama Earth- 1Thing! Here are the tips I ran into so you get the full walking benefits! Huey’s a big supporter for walks when he feels like it some days. Other days, it may just be standing around looking for people. Never a boring moment, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Walking Day! -Heather R.

The first Wednesday in April is National Walking Day.  The American Heart Association sponsors this day to remind people about the health benefits of taking a walk.  Wear your sneakers (or take them with you) to work and at some point in the day, you are encouraged to take a 30-minute walk. 

Here are some great ways to make that 30-minutes more enjoyable:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Take a friend to pass the time.
  • Make sure to stretch those muscles.
  • Dring plenty of water.
  • Move your arms, too.
  • Make sure you have good posture


Courage walk photoYou can keep the Walking Rocking w/ Jay Styles as he kicks off the 100 Mile Courage Walk next Wednesday (4/13) to raise awareness and $$$ for Veterans with Post Traumic Stress w/ the help of Austin Dog Alliance & the Hounds for Heroes program. The money raised will go towards the training and care of service dogs who help Veterans suffering from PTS. On Saturday (4/16) you can help Jay Walk the Last 5K at Old Settler’s Park in Round Rock. Donate any amount you would like and walk w/ Jay and Mix 94.7 to help our Veterans. Click here! 







[ June is National Great Outdoors Month! ]


Happy June! Happy National Great Outdoors Month! Celebrate w/ Mama Nature! Here are dates for extra celebrating fun during the month!

Where to go in Texas?

National Trails Day / June 6
The country’s largest celebration of trails.  National Trails Day events will take place in every state across the country and will include hikes, biking and horseback rides, paddling trips, birdwatching, geocaching, gear demonstrations, stewardship projects and more. Click here for ATX/ Texas events

National Fishing & Boating Week / June 6-14
It highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing in enhancing people’s’ quality of life and preserving our country’s natural beauty. It also is when most state’s offer their Free Fishing Days. Click here!

National Get Outdoors Day / June 13
National Get Outdoors Day is a new annual event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun.Participating partners will offer opportunities for American families to experience traditional and non-traditional types of outdoor activities.Prime goals of the day are reaching first-time visitors to public lands and reconnecting our youth to the great outdoors. Click here!

National Marina Day / June 13
This is a nationwide boating event dedicated to grow boating participation across North America. Marine businesses collaborate to hold events to introduce the public to boating through on-water and landside activities at marinas in every corner of the country.

Great Outdoors Month™ National Day of Service / June 19
The Corps Network provides critical leadership to the Corps movement and to our nation’s Service and Conservation Corps as they harness the power of youth and young adults to tackle some of America’s greatest challenges and transform their own lives. Click here!

Great American Campout / June 27
National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Campout is also part of Great Outdoors Month in June, a month designated to highlight the many kinds of outdoor activities that strengthen our bonds with nature.  NWF celebrates everyone who’s getting outdoors and camping on Great American Campout day on June 27th  – and we encourage you to re-live the camping experience all summer long. Take the Pledge!

Get Into Your Sanctuary Day / June 27-28
Visit a Sanctuary as a travel destination, few places on the planet can compete with the diversity of the National Marine Sanctuary System, which protects America’s most iconic natural and cultural marine resources. Fortunately, the vast majority of all national marine sanctuary waters are open to recreational fishing, diving, surfing, swimming, kayaking and many more compatible recreational activities! Celebrate these special ocean places by hosting a system-wide series of National “Get into Your Sanctuary” Day events over the weekend of June 27-28th, 2015. Southwest/Gulfcoast Sanctuaries to visit!

The month of June being National Great Outdoors is Mama Earth Friendly, but also can be healthy both physically and mentally.  You do have to make sure you follow some safety tips.  Entercom’s Wellness Community sent these tibits to remember when celebrating ‘National Great Outdoors Month’ that I wanted to share w/ you!  HR

With warm weather already here, it’s a great time to take your family outdoors! June is a great time to explore nearby hiking trails, take a trip to a beach or take advantage of the outdoors in your own community.

There are plenty of ways to be active during Great Outdoors Month, whether it’s camping, swimming, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, or playing in a neighborhood park. Before going outside or traveling, be sure to remember to pack water, healthy snacks and sunscreen!

A few safety tips below will make sure that you and your family will be set for the summer:\

  1. Throw away sunscreens older than 1–2 years since they lose their potency over time.
  2. Remember to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before you go outside, even if you’re sitting in the shade. Shade does provide relief from the heat, but you can still sunburn in shade due to scattered sunlight.
  3. Keep food safely stored in a cooler if going on a hiking or day trip. Food starts to spoil after 2 hours at room temperature. 
  4. Wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. UV rays contribute to various types of eye problems, including cataracts and glaucoma.
  5. It’s recommended that you drink water 2-3 hours before your activity, and every 10-20 minutes during your activity in order to stay hydrated in the heat.
  6. Practice fire safety if camping and always keep gas canisters upright and away from the reach of children.

Enjoy the great outdoors and reap the physical and mental benefits of your natural surroundings.


[ Farm to Table Journey … ]

I ran across this story and I wanted to share w/ you! Pretty cool..

World-class photographer, Glenn Charles, will take off on a sixteen-day bicycle campaign traveling over 400 miles along the way in the name of food awareness. Sponsored by Wholesome Wave, Charles will be stopping at 15 farms, 9 farm to table restaurants, a culinary business incubator, a greenhouse, 3 food pantries, 1 school, 1 University Lab, and 1 group working sustainably with seafood and photographing everything along the way. The campaign is designed to raise awareness about local and regionally grown food….

The folks at Wholesome Wave have brought this campaign together as part of their overall mission. “We bring together networks of community based organizations, farmers, other strategic partners, etc, and we work to make locally and regionally grown food affordable to everyone,” says Ashley Gaudiano of Wholesome Wave.


Click here to find out more. I could see something like this going well in Austin.. Couldn’t you?

journey for change






[ Keep’n it Green in C.C…. ]

raisethebarHere’s an idea for a late Summer/almost Fall getaway. Saturday, September 20th is ‘Conquer the Coast’. Some call this one of the toughest stretches, but one of the prettiest in Texas.  It leaves from Whataburger Field and takes cyclists all through the Corpus Christi Bay area. Why ride? It promotes a green healthy lifestyle. It also supports the Corpus Christi Chamber Foundation with it’s mission to continue to bring events like this to Corpus Christi. Also supporting local  programs! Click here for more 411. There is still time to register too!  More fun can be found here..    visitcorpuschristitx.org




[ Cool ‘Green’ apps… ]

PocketRangerYou can have lots of summertime fun enjoying Mama Nature w/ the help of these apps.  Pocket Ranger Outdoor Apps. New apps are popping up for different areas across the country.  Check it out!




[ May is National Bike Month… ]


Update 5/16/14: Tomorrow/Friday, May 16 is Bike To Work Day!

The mission of Bike To Work Day is to attract new bicyclists to commuting while rewarding those who already use their bikes to commute. Commuters improve our community by decreasing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution. Cycling commuters also arrive at work in better health and more alert.
There will be different stations around town set up to help ‘Fuel You Up’.. w/ coffee…baked goodies and more.. Click here for the 411!


Today in ATX, National Bike Week kicked off a day earl w/ the ‘Rally For Respecet’ w/ a reminder for drivers to watch out for bike riders. Drive & Ride carefully and safely together.

More than half of the U.S. population lives within five miles of their workplace, making bicycling a feasible and fun way to get to work. With increased interest in healthy, sustainable and economic transportation options, it’s not surprising that, from 2000 to 2011, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. grew by more than 47 percent.


There are several fun Bike days to watch out for in May:

Bike to School Day– Wednesday May 7th
Bike to Work Week -Monday, May 12th – Friday, May 16th
Bike to Work Day- Friday, May 16th

The League Of American Bicyclists has been protecting your rights to safe and enjoyable  bicycling since 1880. What started as a movement by “Wheelmen” on high-wheel bikes to get roads paved continues today with our advocacy on the federal level. It doesn’t stop there: We provide valuable education programs, help create better biking environments, promote bicycling as the option of choice and help you create bicycle-friendly communities.

*411 Poster for work

The Vision is a nation where everyone recognizes and enjoys the many benefits and opportunities of bicycling.

The Mission is  to lead the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone.  As leaders, our commitment is to listen and learn, define standards and  share best practices to engage diverse communities and build a powerful,  unified voice for change

The League of American Bicyclists promotes and protects the rights of every cyclist in the United States. … more than 700 cyclists killed in traffic crashes each year. Every Bicyclist Counts is a place to honor those cyclists and to ensure that their deaths are not in vain.

More 411:

Bicycle Friendly

Ride Smart

Making Biking Better 






[ ‘Green Hottie’ coming to ATX alert…. ]

The SXSW ECO 2013 is going on October 7-9, coming off the back end of the 1st Arians eyesweekend of ACL Musical Festival. ATX is going to be packed w/ lots of celebs. Here’s the heads up on a ‘Green Hottie’ who will be one of the featured speakers @ the SXSW ECO 2013 Conference. Adrian Grenier, who starred in the HBO series,

Entourage. Click here  for more!

Click the photo to get a taste of last year’s SXSW ECO…

SXSW ECO 2012 recap



[ You can use this on Friday…. ]

Friday is ‘Bike To Work Day’. Shannon sent me a heads up on what you could add to the ride.  You could charge your phone while cycling.
NBM_Facebook_header2There are many reasons why biking to work rules. You save money, eliminate the stress of parking, get in a quick workout, and now, thanks to Aaron Latzke and David Delcourt, you can even charge your cell phone using kinetic energy generated from your ride! Yeah, we know, pretty awesome.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Siva Cycle Atom was launched a few weeks ago, and with only a few days left to pre-order, the project has already seen more than $110,00 pledged by 1,200 backers. Needless to say people are pretty excited. The Atom, which reportedly weighs about as much as a banana, is a small device that can be attached to the back wheel of your bicycle.

While you pedal, the Siva Cycle Atom converts the kinetic energy into electronic energy that charges up the Atom. You can choose whether to charge your gadget (phone, ipod, etc.) directly while riding or store the energy generated in the battery pack to charge your electronics when you finish your ride. So as long as you have your bike, you can rest assured that you won’t be caught without a battery charge.

     Watch the video!

[ Take The Pure Action Challenge ]

I was cruising through the ATX Women’s Magazine and ran across the ‘PURE CHALLENGE 2013’ ‘Heal Yourself. Heal The World.’  It’s through Pure Action a non-profit that is dedicated to bringing the ancient benefits of Yoga to mainstream medicine through scientific research, global education and community programs.  Yoga has come a long way since I learned ‘Downward Facing Dog’.
If Yoga can make you more balanced and healthier, that would mean less medicines in the body and polluting Mama Earth.  The containers… the meds…  It’s worth checking out!

Why Yoga?
Click here to see  how Yoga can help make you healthier.

Pure Action Goals:


PURE Action is devoted to establishing the feasibility and the effectiveness of yoga therapy as an alternative medicine through continued research. As research is the basis for clinical practice, studies are needed that will enhance our knowledge of the benefits of yoga and afford this mode of physical activity recognition among health professionals and in the medical science arena. A concerted goal of this organization is to fund research studies on the effects of yoga on physical and mental health in various populations including under served communities.


Through lectures, presentations, and demonstrations we will educate groups and individuals within our community on the therapeutic properties of yoga.


We are passionate that hatha yoga is preventative and healing medicine and are devoted to reaching out to youth so they may enjoy a lifetime of health and yoga practice. PURE Action also wholeheartedly believes in the beneficial qualities of yoga practice for adults and elders, the fit, injured and ill alike and will provide access to yoga through various community efforts.

Click here for lots more!