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[ Go Green Heart Healthy ]

Jackfruit 775 x515The month of February celebrates the Heart, and reminds us to take care of our Hearts. In the United States, 1 in 4 deaths is caused by Heart Disease. It’s the leading cause of death for both men and women. Heart Disease can be prevented and managed when you make healthier choices.

Do a #1THING step further by Going Green Heart Healthy. You can do this w/ the foods you eat go for Organic options.  Exercise walking, running  and other outdoor activities that does the body good & Mama Earth.. All help w/ Heart Healthy Happiness.

Have you heard of the Jackfruit? A tropical fruit native to Asia that resembles pulled pork, and becoming one of the most popular meat alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. The Jackfruit is a rich source of vitamin, minerals, fiber, fat, protein and more. It contains calorie but no cholesterol or saturated fats.

Here are 10 of the 25 Amazing Benefits of Jackfruit:

1.) Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease: Jackfruit has Vitamin B6 that makes it very Heart-friendly
2.) Fights Wrinkles: Ground up seeds that are dipped in milk & applied on wrinkles helps reduce their appearance
3.) Promotes Hair Growth: Adds in healthy blood circulation, which helps w/ hair growth.
4.) Immunity: A great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which can strengthen your immune system.
5.) High in Protein: The seeds are high in protein.
6.) Improves Digestion: A rich source of dietary fiber.
7.) Improves Eyesite: Jackfruit has vital nutriets that help w/ eye health.
8.) Bone Health: Jackfruit contains calcium, which strengthens and promotes healthy bones
9.) Ulcers : Jackfruit has strong anti-ulcerative properties that can cure ulcers and many other digestive system disorders.
10.) Regulates Blood Sugar Levels: Jackfruit has a rich amount of manganese that helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

Find out all 25 Amazing Jackfruit Benefits and more!

Jackfruit is becoming 2018’s healthy meat replacer for many. Making Jackfruit Green Heart Healthy for you! Click here for Jackfruit Recipes!

HeartGreenHealthy 775x515









[ Eat Well Guide! ]

_Eat Well 775x515Here’s a Yummy Cool #1THING you can do where you live. ‘Eat Well Guide’ makes it easy to find places to get local, sustainable food.  Search your city and where.. store, restaurant…. A list will come up where you are at to ‘Eat Well’.  Try it out! Click here!  Such an easy #1THING to do in ATX! Good for You & Mama Earth! #1THING Green Wins all around!







[ Green Plays during the Big Game Party! ]

Big Game Big Green Party Tips 2018 930x218Patriots & Eagles meet in Minneapolis on February 4th for the Big Game!  Planning a Big Game Party!  How about making Green Plays at your party. It’s a Football Fun 1THING you can do!

  1. E-Invites rather than mailing ones:  Evite or PunchBowl good places to whip them up and out.
  2. Organic / Vegeterian/ Local snacks – Instead of having bags of chips & store bought dips.  Homemade and buying local can be the way to go w/ yummy  Eco-Friendly Big Game Snacks!
  3. Sustainable Beer: Here are 5 Texas Breweries that go Green and perfect for your Big Game Party!
  4. Reuse Decorations / Light it up  EnvironmentalLights.com is where eco-friendly LED lights can be found!
  5. Step down the Waste for a Green Party Touchdown!! Reduce. Reise & Recycle. Take another chance to use the 3 R’s — reduce, reuse, recycle Avoid paper products for eating and drinking. Flatwear & utensils can easily be cleaned w/ Mama Earth friendly dish cleaner.

More here… 

Now who to cheer for.. Patriots… Eagles.. I think Go P!nk doing the National Anthem and JT doing the Halftime Show! Go Pink/JT Team!


[ Green Up Your Tea ]

January is National Hot Tea Month. Takes the Chill off and can be helpful when it comes to better Health, especially if you Green Up Your Tea! It’s an easy #1THING you can do!

1THIng January Tea Month

Here are a few ways thanks to the Sierra Club! Enjoy and help Mama Earth at the same time!

Buy loose-leaf tea: Opt for loose leaf tea over disposable tea bags, which use carbon-intensive packaging materials. Many tea bags also contain polypropylene mesh, which can take several years to degrade. Additionally, bagged tea is often machine processed, producing a larger carbon footprint than loose leaf tea, which tends to be hand-picked. If you do purchase tea bags, make sure they’re biodegradable and unbleached. Avoid bags with staples, strings, or tags.

Minimize your water footprint: Only pour enough water to fill your cup to avoid wasting energy boiling what you won’t drink anyway. If it’s safe, use local tap water to brew your tea.

Cold-brew your iced tea:  It not only tastes sweeter and smoother than traditional hot-brewed iced tea, but it spares the energy needed to boil your water, relying mainly on an already-running appliance—your refrigerator.

To cold-brew your own iced tea, add about 1.5 times the amount of tea you’d normally use to a pitcher. Pour in cold water, add a lid, and let sit in the fridge for about 4-10 hours. White teas, green teas, and flat oolongs need less time to sit, while rolled oolongs require more time. Herbal infusions and black teas usually need to sit the full ten hours. Strain and enjoy.

Repurpose tea leaves: Most of us know to reuse tea leaves or tea bags for our next cup of tea, but their use extends beyond the kitchen. The high nitrogen content in tea leaves makes them the perfect plant food, which does double duty by helping repel insects and other pests. When transferring a plant to a pot, line the bottom of the pot with used tea bags before adding soil. The tea bags will help retain water and release nutrients into the potting medium.

Dried tea leaves also make fantastic deodorizers. Toss some in the litter box or dog house to remove pet odors. For all-over freshness, sprinkle and gently crush some dried leaves over your carpet. Wait about 10 minutes, then vacuum.

Choose eco-friendly labels:  As you would with coffee, buy brands labeled “USDA organic” and “Fair Trade Certified.” To earn the USDA’s organic seal, farmers must not have used synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers for at least three years. Meanwhile, although fair trade certification primarily ensures that farmers are paid a just price for their crop, it also has environmental side effects. In return for providing good working conditions and fair wages, producers get paid more for their tea. As a result, famers need less land to support themselves and their families, leaving more land available for natural habitat.


[ Cool Green Beauty Grab ]

Make 2018 the year of Cool Green Grabs. Affordable & Cool Green Grabs that are an Awesome #1THING for You & Mama Earth!

The EcoTools short story: Sisters Jen and Stacey set out to create a brush collection that was not only environmentally friendly, but chic, high-quality, and affordable too. After sourcing recycled materials, renewable bamboo and better manufacturing processes, in 2007, EcoTools® was born. Look Beautiful. Live Beautifully.

I became a fan of EcoTools makeup brushes a few years ago. I grabbed them on a whim thinking they were a decent price, and if they are eco-friendly even better. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was surprised how well they work and hold up.  I finally had to replace them after cleaning them several times, which should be done w/ any type of brush that touches your face on a daily basis. I ran across this set at Target over the weekend $12.99 plus tax makeup bag included. They are Awesome! Plus the entire set is Mama Earth friendly..

EcoTools celebrated their 10th Anniversary in 2017, and 2018 brings even more EcoTool goodies to you…

  • Cruelty Free – PETA certified which means 100% cruelty free and vegan
  • Recycled Materials- Belief in giving a new purpose to old things with products created from recycled aluminum and plastic
  • Tree Free – Packaging is made of 100% Tree-Free Paper w/ 20% cotton & 80% Bamboo Fiber
  • Recycled Bamboo -The Handles on their products are made of renewable bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

Click here to find out more about this Cool Green Grab for January 2018!

EcoToolsMakeupBrushset 550x770


[ Go Paper Towel-Less ]

PapertowelDreamstime pAPER TOWEL LESS TEXT 930 x 218How many Paper Towels do you use during a day?  If you aren’t sure, usually means too many. I’m guilty of doing the same thing. I was thinking for 2018, maybe trying a #1THING of going Paper Towel-less could be cool.  #1THING

Here are a few Paper (Towel) stats :

40% of U.S. landfill trash is paper products.

The paper industry is the third largest contributor to global warming.

The average American discards of 700 pounds or more of paper each year.

If every household in the U.S. used just one less 70-sheet roll of virgin fiber paper towels, that would save 544,000 trees each year. Change that to using three less rolls per U.S. household per year, and that would save 120,000 tons of waste and $4.1 million in landfill dumping fees.

Your typical paper towel is manufactured using chlorine, which releases carcinogenic dioxins and furans

Ways to stop / slow down the usages of Paper Towels:

  • If you have to use them, go for paper towels made out of recycled material.
  • Using cloth towels saves more energy and creates less greenhouse gases compared to paper towels.
  • Compost Paper Towels that area unbleached and chlorine-free, they are safe to toss into your compost bin, not the trash.

Just a few of several ways to help slow down / stop paper towel use.  I need to break the habit too! #1THING for Mama Earth during 2018!
Click here! 


[ Eco-Friendly Toys for the Holidays ]

GoGreenToyBlocks 775x515You can Give Green to your kiddos w/ Eco-friendly Toys. Start them early helping and appreciating the world around them. There’s only 1 Mama Earth, and we need to take care of her. Here’s a list to check out. It’s #1Thing you can do.




Top 10 Toy Brands

Click here! 


[ Have a Happy Eco-Friendly Yummy Thanksgiving! ]

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it… Thursday, November 23rd! You could make it extra special doing #1THING to make your Thanksgiving more Eco-Friendly.  A Big thing for Mama Earth, and one of the best holiday gifts ever! Shannon shared some Sustainable Tips that will be helpful to do #1THING for Thanksgiving this year! Check them out… Have a Happy, Safe & Green Thanksgiving!  Enjoy w your family/ friends! #1THING

Thanksgiving is a time for many of us to gather with family and friends. Your Thanksgiving meal and the activities that go along with it present many opportunities to be sustainable and eco-friendly:

  • When shopping for your Thanksgiving meal, keep two words in mind: organic and local. These keywords will guarantee a fresher, more nutritious meal.
  • Set the table with cloth napkins and reusable dishes, glasses, and silverware. Consider renting more formal tableware that you might not use very often. Also save and reuse decorations.
  • After holiday festivities, put leftovers in recyclable containers, and share them with family, friends, or others.
  • Where possible, compost leftover food scraps, leaves, and grass clippings.
  • After the meal, fill your dishwasher to capacity before running it. You will run fewer cycles, which saves energy.
  • Wash and reuse empty glass and plastic jars, milk jugs, coffee cans, dairy tubs, and other similar containers that would otherwise get thrown away. These containers can be used to store leftovers.
  • Show your guests where to put recyclables such as aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers.
  • Avoid placing hard, thick, or waxy food scraps down the drain. These materials can clog the pipes or damage garbage disposal blades and send parts of your sink to the landfill before their time.
  • Buy products in concentrate, bulk, or in refillable containers. Many items are available in these sizes. They reduce packaging waste and can save you money! Combine waste reducing practices, such as buying coffee in bulk and storing it in your leftover empty coffee cans.
  • Instead of firmly planting yourself in front of the TV for the day, consider getting some fresh air or playing a board game. Take advantage of the time together with friends and family while decreasing your energy usage.
  • If you going away from home for the holidays, to save energy, turn down your thermostat and put lights on timers.
  • November is an excellent time of year to conduct neighborhood food or clothing drives to help those in need.



[ Retail Getting Into Clothing Donation Programs ]

clothingdonations 775x515Things are starting to change when it comes to Fashion and Donating Clothing. From Eco- friendly designers and fashion lines, to retail stores having a clothing donation program to help stop filling the landfills up. The Fashion minded are starting to move into a ‘Green Way of Thinking’. Thanks to many shoppers who are voicing their concerns of what do to w/ their clothing when they are cleaning out their closests. With more & more retail businesses making an effort to do their part, it really will help Mama Earth. #1Thing

  • Here’s a #1Thing that Nordstrom is doing by launching a clothing donation program encouraging customers to keep their stuff out of landfills. Nordstrom has partnered with Give Back Box® , a company that sends donations to local charities like Goodwill. The process is pretty easy: You take a box, put your gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories in it, slap on a prepaid label, and drop it off at a UPS or USPS. At the same time, Nordstrom is piloting an in-store donation program at six locations in Washington state where shoppers can just drop their unwanted clothing in Goodwill bins. Way to Go Nordstrom! 

Following in the footsteps of other retailers who have been doing their part doing 1Things:

  • H&M  – In 2013 they launched their garmet collecting initiative worldwide. Shoppers can drop off their unwanted garments, no matter the brand or the condition in all H&M stores across the globe.  They make sure the clothing gets reused or recycled and not end up in landfills. Around 95% of clothing thrown away could have been reused or recycled.  H&M nearest you. Click here!
  • Madewell- Blue Jeans go Green.  1.) Bring your old jeans into any of their stores anytime of the year. 2.) They will be sent to ‘Blue Jeans Go Green’ to recycle into housing insulaion 3.) You’ll get $20 off a new pair of jeans! Click here.
  • REI COOP –  Keeping used gear and clothing out of landfills is important to us. REI makes it easy to donate your gear with Give Back Box® . Click here
  • Amazon works w/ Give Back Box® making it easy to donate items you no longer need to charity with ease and bring new life to your empty Amazon box. Donations go directly to your nearest participating charitable organization using a free shipping label and Amazon (or other) box. Click here. 
  • Loft have partned w/ charities so you can donate gently used clothing and accessories thru Give Back Box® . Click here
  • Levis will give your clothes a second life when you donate the clothing you no longer need through the partnershiup with Give Back Box® Click here

More here


[ Cute Vegan Shoes are Trending! ]

Trending Cute Vegan Shoes930x218

When you think ‘Vegan’, food normally pops in the head. But Vegan can happen w/ other thingies besides food. How about ‘Vegan Shoes’? Yes, there is such a thing as ‘Cute Vegan Shoes’. They are made without animal products like leather or by-products like wool. Fabulous 1Thing additions that can be included in your Fall wardrobe. Or perhaps holiday gift ideas for a Shoe-nista in your life (you too)!


  • RAFA – Several extremely cute Vegan 2017 styles. All hand-made. High quality that does come w/ a price tag. Or course the ones I think are cute are on their high end… STICK BOOTS.They are cute!
  • NATIVE SHOES – Signature Style starts at $40. Offering winter weather- friendly boots, knit athletic sneakers. 100% Vegan company that carries their shoes in women’s, mens, girls and boys options. Venice Print caught my eye for Fall
  • VAGABOND – Swedish shoe label w/ several fall friendly vegan options… booties, chunkyplatforms, flat soles and more. Women’s & Men’s sizes. They have a Vegan / non-animal collection . I’m liking the Aurora chunky heeled loafer.
  • MATT & NATE – Montreal – based shoe label. Everything is Vegan & Sustainable. It’s either ade from recycled or renewable materials like rubber and cork. The styles are on point trendy and classic… block heals, mules, boots and booties and more to chose from. One of my favs is the Sold Out Radisson. They have so much more than shoes.
  • VEGETARIAN SHOES – Based in the UK. Men, Women & Kids sizes. From sneakers to hiking boots to cute loafers. One of my favs Airseal Boulder Boot (Cherry) They ship Worldwide! Vegan Friendly for 26 years plus years!
  • NOVACAS – Spanish for ‘NO COW’! MooShoes house brand. Men and Women sizes. High heel clogs, booties & more! The Sierra Clog caught my eye.
  • VEJA – French  sneaker brand mostly made from recycled and  or organic cotton & wild rubber in Brazil. Price point from $65 – $116. They come in my size 11 and larger!! WATA Black Pierre would be one of my choices.
  • INSECTA SHOES – Brazilian shoe label makes unisex boots, chukkas, oxfords and sandals in cool patterns, velvet and faux- leather. 100% Vegan. Everything is made from recycled bottles & vintage clothing. Their website doesn’t ship to the US, but you can find them online places like MooShoes. Synesthesia Sandal is cute, and not cheap.
  • DOC MARTIN – Yes, they also have a Vegan line of Docs. Best to do the search on their site VEGAN. They have the same iconic look. Women & Men sizes. Vegan Jadon II is one of my picks!

More here!