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[ Trade It In…. ]

n honor of #EarthMonth Target Stores are doing a Babyseat Trade-In! It’s a #1THING call to action that will also give you a 20% off coupon for other baby goodies too! Here’s the 411!

  • April 22 through May 5, bring any unwanted car seats to your local Target store and receive a coupon for 20 percent off a new car seat, booster seat, car seat base, travel system or stroller from our stores or full online assortment.
  • When you get to the store, bring your used car seat to the drop-off box located near Guest Services, and the team member there will give you your coupon. Guests can get one coupon per seat dropped off, and the coupon is eligible through May 19, 2018.
  • We’ll get the old car seats to our partners at Waste Management, who will recycle the parts to create new things like grocery carts, plastic buckets and construction materials. Cool, huh? More here! 

[ Breakin’ the ‘TRASH’ down in ATX ]

Thanks to Texas Disposal SystemsRecycling is way easier to do! It’s #1THING to do during #EarthMonth and beyond! Happy 40th TDS!  Click the photo!







[ Earth Month 2018 Celebration with a new team player! ]

There’s big time Earth Month celebration happening in the Entercom ATX lounge. Every April Entercom ATX & all the markets of Entercom celebrate with EarthShare that is made up of many organizations that help the Environment and all that makes up and lives on Mama Earth.

EarthShare of Texas This year we have a real tree to celebrate and plant. It’s #1THING to help thanks to our friends at Garden-Ville & Texas Disposal Systems who is celebrating the Big 40 helping our Central Texas Environment. Here are more helpful tips to celebrate #40Ways #40WaywithTDS



[ Thumbs Up to Going Greener! ]

It’ the 40th Anniversary of Texas Disposal Systems taking care of the well being of Central Texas and it’s environment. For Friday the 13thTDS is sharing lots of easy 1THING ways to Go Greener besides just recycling. Getting Your Green On during Earth Month makes Good Luck for all!

  • Plant an herb garden
  • Switch our lightbulbs to CFLs
  • Create a homemade compost bin for $15.
  • Switch one appliance to an energy efficient model (look for the “energy star” label)
  • Stop using disposable bags. Get some reusable bags
  •  Buy an inexpensive reusable water bottle, and stop buying plastic disposable bottles
  • Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot.
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • Don’t turn on lights at all for as long as you can—open your curtains and enjoy natural light.
  • Drive the speed limit, and combine all your errands for the week in one trip.
  • Lots more here! #40Ways   #40wayswithTDS #1THING

[ Celebrity Citizens of Trash Isle ]

It’s #EarthMonth and many celebrities have taken a stand to help stop Plastic PollutionChris Hemsworth, Al Gore, Gal Gadot, Mark Ruffalo, Brandon Flowers, Sir Mo Farah, Jeff Goldblum, Lethal Bizzle, Ezra Miller, Andy Serkis, Jason Momoa, Gerard Butler and Dame Judi Dench become a #CitizenoftheTrashIsles with over 200,000 others who are trying to get our waters & lands cleaned up.  There is so much plastic / trash in this area it easily creates ‘Trash Isles’, so why not make it a country?!!!  By making it a country, it would be protected by the United Nations, which means cleaning it up!  There’s a petition you can sign to become a Citizen of the Trash Isles w/ celebs and non-celebs who care about Mama Earth. Much sooner than later, there will be more plastic floating around than fish.  Click here for more! #1THING Click the photo to watch the video of the Celebrity Citizens of the Trash Isles!


[ Look what you can do with this! ]

I’m not the best at crafting, but I can appreciate it. FB friend Cyndi posted … What you can turn a plant pot into. They fit in nicely for a #1THING too. Materials you have around your home, that you would probably toss, can be turned into something this ‘Crafty Cute’.  Great way to celebrate #EarthMonth Click here for other tips thanks to our friends at Texas Disposal Systems who is celebrating 40 years keeping ATX / Central Texas Green Clean!

Click the pot to see what it turns into.


[ Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding Gift List has Eco-Friendly Love ]

Celebrities 1THING Green continues w/ the royal family. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are getting ready for Saturday, May 19th. They have asked guests to donate to a charity for wedding gifts. They picked 7 charities, and two of them show Eco-Friendly Love. #1THING The wedding gift donations full list is here.

  • Surfers Against Sewage: A national marine conservation and campaigning charity, which inspires, unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.

Hugo Tagholm, Chief Executive of Surfers Against Sewage, said: “Surfers Against Sewage is thrilled to be one of the charities chosen to benefit from donations marking the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle. Our work as a national marine conservation charity empowers tens of thousands of volunteers annually to protect beaches for everyone. We are currently focused on tackling plastic pollution and this support will help us move towards our vision of Plastic Free Coastlines.”

The Wilderness Foundation UK: Promotes the benefits and enjoyment of wild nature. Through the great outdoors, the charity helps build resilience in vulnerable teenagers, introduces rural employment to urban youth, and brings science to life. More here

Jo Roberts, CEO of The Wilderness Foundation UK, said: “We are deeply touched and honoured that Prince Harry and Ms Markle have chosen to support The Wilderness Foundation and its beneficiaries. As the world’s population grows exponentially the planet’s remaining wild places and resources are coming under increasing threat. It has never been more important for us as humans to protect the planet that gives us life. Whilst teaching conservation values, we in turn use the positive power of nature to support and recharge the lives of challenged and vulnerable young people and adults.” More here


[ 40 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month with TDS ]

Happy Earth Month! Entercom ATX is celebrating with Texas Disposal Systems who turned the BIG 4-0 this year!  Thank You to Texas Disposal Services for all the Eco-friendly services and help you provide all the communities, businesses and partners throughout Central Texas.

The Texas Disposal Systems Happy 40th Anniversary celebration is in full swing, during the month of April, with 40 tips or what we like to call 1 THINGS! Give 1 a try and go from there. You’ll feel good while you’re doing it, which leads to doing even more #1THINGS! Spread the word …

At Texas Disposal Systems, We consider it an honor to play a role in protecting the environment of our home state of Texas. We as neighbors and fellow Texans depend on its natural resources – and they, in turn, depend on us to treat them with love and respect. Earth Month kicks off on April 1 and TDS is celebrating by challenging Central Texans to help make our planet and communities cleaner and greener. We developed a list of 40 Eco-friendly tips and activities to promote sustainability – at home, work or school – while also commemorating the company’s 40th anniversary this year. From the beginning, environmental responsibility has been at the core of everything we do, as we seek to divert waste to beneficial uses and minimize landfill use. So this Earth Month and beyond, please join us in taking care of Texas like she takes care of all of us!




[ A Yummy Sustainable Chocolate 1THING ]

Big Green Love to Hershey for a Big #1THING for taking a stand for Sustainable Farming of Cocoa, the Environment in which it grows and for the People whose livelihood depends on it.

Cocoa For Good, a strategy for Sustainable Cocoa while investing half a billion dollars by 2030 to nourish children, elevate youth, build prosperous communities and preserve natural ecosystems



Cocoa For Good Mission: 

  • Increase access to nutritious foods. Families need access to nutritious foods to live healthy lives and avoid issues like anemia, which affects 1.6 billion people worldwide.
  • Eliminate child labor. A symptom of poverty in cocoa communities, children aged 14–17 are at the greatest risk.


  • Economically empower women. West African women are 45% of cocoa farm labor, but have less access to training, financial services and land than men.
  • Increase agroforestry and shade-grown cocoa. Cocoa grown in the shade is productive for up to 15 years longer than cocoa grown in full sun.

Cocoa For Good builds on the work they’ve already done in cocoa-growing communities by helping to feed families, equipping young people with the skills to succeed, empowering women and men to prosper, and protecting our forests. More here


[ Help Stop Plastic Pollution! ]

April is Earth Month with Earth Day happening Sunday, April 22, 2018. The Earth Day Network is working on securing a Future Free of Plastic Pollution. Your help can start w/ the Stop the Plastic Pollution Pledge and using the resources available to help with the journey of stopping here!  Doing your part to Stop Plastic Pollution is 1THING that will help the environment in which we all live together.


  • 300 million tons of plastic are sold each year and 90% of that is thrown away. A huge percentage of those plastics end up in our landfills, our oceans, our wildlife and our bodies.
  • Plastic breaks down in our environment it can mimic human hormones and is linked to everything from breast cancer to early puberty
  • Corporations are making billions of dollars selling their products in disposal plastic containers but are refusing to take responsibility for what happens to the 100s of millions of plastic containers and bags that move through our global economy every single day
  • Governments are unable or unwilling to take the health risks of plastic seriously and are not moving to ban single use plastics and non-recyclable products.
  • We are also at fault because we haven’t made the break from single use plastics even though alternatives are now on the markets

If enough of us get behind a global ban on single use plastics, we can begin to heal our oceans, our wildlife, and our children. Click here for more and the petition to Help Stop Plastic Pollution!