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[ Celebrate Earth Hour! ]

Earth Hour Dreamstime 775x515Saturday Night!  March 24th! It’s Earth Hour!  8:30pm -9:30pm local time.. YOU TURN IT ALL OFF! 

What is Earth Hour? How did it get started?:

Earth Hour started as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney in 2007. Now Earth Hour is the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment. It inspires millions around the World to help planet Earth. Earth Hour is coordinated by WWF and other volunteer organizations, Earth Hour’s Greatest Strength is the Power of People. Take Action


How to participate during Earth Hour?

ToolKit     Marketing

Earth Hour’s 2017 Highlights  #EarthHour 

9 Things you can do during Earth Hour

  1. Candle-lit dinner / Livewell Principles
  2. Quiz & Game Night by Candle Light w/ Friends / WWF Quiz
  3. Star Gazing 
  4. Nightime City Walk 
  5. Nightime Bike Ride
  6. Yoga / Exercise by Candle Light
  7. Unplugged Jam Session
  8. Read a Bedtime story (use a book)
  9. Make a Green Energy Resolution 
    more here

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[ Energy Saving Ways during 2018! ]

Thermostat 930x218 cutting energy costs1/10/18 is #CutYourEnergyCostsDay , which is a great time to start a 1THING and continue with it! It helps out Mama Earth & also can save you a lot of Green too!


Here are just a few ways you can Save Energy & Green!

  • Weatherproof your home
  • Replace old windows with new energy-efficient windows
  • Replace old furnace with new energy-efficient furnace
  • Properly maintain furnace
  • Use solar heat if possible
  • Turn down thermostats
  • Turning off lights when leaving a room
  • Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine only when fully loaded
  • Lower water heater temperature
  • Take shorter showers
  • Unplug unused appliances
  • Carpool whenever possible

Check out the 101 Ways to Save Energy & Money!


[ Eco – Friendly Smart Living in ATX ]

thinkGreen 930x218  whisper ValleyThere’s a New eco-smart community in east Austin Whisper Valley featuring Pacesetter Homes! Geothermal/energy efficient, community gardens, dog-friendly, miles of hike & bike trails and more:

What is an EcoSmart Community?

EcoSmart Community provide a clean and zero-energy capable solution for entire communities like Whisper Valley. Reducing consumption, protecting the environment, eliminating noise, and saving money. Lots of ways to Think Green!

What is a Zero-Energy Capable Home?

It’s possible for homes to be energy self-sufficient. By reducing consumption using high-efficiency geothermal heat pumps and producing power using photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, a home can become zero-energy capable. And EcoSmart innovations make it all possible.

Click here for more! #ThinkGreeninATX #1Thing 


[ Edible Cookie Dough could be a 1Thing… ]

1THING TREAT COOKIE DOUGH 21617A big trending treat for 2017, so far, is Edible Cookie Dough. Use organic ingredients … Not having the oven on baking cookies will conserve energy. Perfect type of treat for the Texas Hot Summers.. heck even this weekend w/ the 1st part of it getting into the mid 80’s. I’d say Edible Cookie Dough can be a #1Thing! Click here to find out more!



Global Warming Globe 591x218This isn’t a NICE headline to see…

It’s actually on the scary side. Especially w/ a new administration stepping in the White House, with the leader of this administration known to have used the word ‘HOAX’ when it comes to climate change. CLICK HERE to see the run down of the warming up World wide and touching on the hottest year so far for the United States in 2016!  Some reasons environmental, but a lot points to man made warming too. It’s important to do 1Things to help keep Mama Earth Cool!

Another headline:


This one seems a bit more hopeful stepping away from the ‘HOAX’ idea.  Former Attorney General of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt is Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. He said he didn’t feel Climate Change was a HOAX, but wouldn’t go as far as saying Trump was wrong when he said, ‘Climate Change is a HOAX.’  Pruitt said, ‘Science tells us the climate is changing and human activity in some matter impacts that change, … The ability to measure and pursue the degree and the extent of that impact and what to do about it are subject to continuing debate and dialogue.” Click here!

In the meantime, here are some ideas for doing 1Thing to help Mama Earth. It will certainly help when it comes to the rising temperature if we all did 1Thing.

Earthshare- Green 1Thing Tips

50 Innovative Green & Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for 2017


[ Google Green! ]

GOOGLE RENEWABLE ENERGY 2017  591X218Google is going to 100% renewable energy in 2017. They also have an environmental website to check out their progress and other important environmental happenings and topics that are happening. Click here for their website!   #1THING 


[ Climate-Friendly Offices ]

climate friendly offices 591x218There’s a new campaign that is getting lots of attention for the workplace.  Big Businesses are finding that getting in the the Green Office mode can save money, make you money and Great for Mama Earth too! A big #1Thing when it comes to the workplace.

Here’s the real Green Deal ….

“A comprehensive new energy reduction program for office buildings makes the case that cutting emissions and making money aren’t mutually exclusive. The Urban Land Institute’s Tenant Energy Optimization Program, introduced at the group’s fall meeting in Dallas yesterday, offers a blueprint for drastically cutting energy usage by commercial tenants, and has the support of some of New York City’s biggest landlords and businesses, as well as the National Resource Defense Council, which helped launch the initiative. …

The results satisfied multiple bottom lines: the installation of these energy-efficient systems saved tenants 30 to 50 percent on their energy bills ($3.5 million in total), with payback for the initial expense coming within the first three to five years, and worked in a variety of different sized offices.

“The programs’  (10 Step) step-by-step process is an effective way for companies to cut their energy costs and boost their bottom line while achieving corporate goals related to sustainable, energy-efficient workplaces,” Malkin said. “It enhances their ability to attract, retain, and motivate workers who are healthier, happier, and more productive… “

Click here  to get all the 411! 


1 Select a team

2 Select an office space

3 Set energy performance goals

4 Model energy reduction options

5 Calculate projected financial returns

6 Make final decisions

7 Develop a post-occupancy plan

8 Build out the space

9 Execute the post-occupancy plan

10 Communicate results
Learn More



[ Go Winter Green & Save Green ]

Eventually it will get cooler, even cold. I promise it will happen, it’s just taking a bit. Whe it does, you should be ready. Do 1Thing and Go Winter Green, besides helping out Mama Earth, you will save on Green too. Perfect w/ the holidays coming soon!


Here are a few Winterizing Green Tips, but many work during anytime of the year!

1.) Cover your air conditioner

2.) Caulk it

3.) Block Drafts

4.) Perform regular maintenance

5.) Upgrade your thermostat 

6.) Weatherstripping

More details & ideas 

Green Piggy Save Winter Green 591x218







[ Could you live OFF THE GRID here? ]

OFF THE GRID 1THING 591X218Aussie prefab builder Ecoliv and architect Lai Cheong Brown created an usual ‘farmhouse’ for Lai’s parents on Australia’s French Island. It’s so off the grid there is no power, water, or road access. Everything to create it had to be barged to the island. THIS IS WAY OFF THE GRID!

“…It is a working, 100-acre, alpaca-filled farm—the final result is more like a simple courtyard house that creates some protected outdoor space in the center while maximizing ocean views on the interior. Of course, the project is not all about sleek design and fabulous views. To sustain itself, the house uses wood for heating and most of the cooking, solar panels for electricity, and comes with rainwater harvesting and worm farm sewerage treatment systems. Take a closer look.

It’s cool looking and extremely eco-friendly (lots of 1Things) ,  but I think it would be WAY TO OFF THE GRID FOR ME. If it was in an area that had some people and places around, but still Green Eco-friendly,  I’d be down w/ that. How about you? – HR


[ Big Game Changer for Laundry is ON…. ]

BIG GAME LAUNDRY CHANGER 1 THING 591X218Doing laundry will take way less time and may actually be …dare I say.. FUN! Thanks to these smart peeps! It’s a 1Thing in the works the ROCKS!

“Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratwant to ory  (ORNL) in Tennessee are changing the way Americans do laundry—using vibrations instead of heat to dry their clothes. This new technology, called the ultrasonic clothes dryer, is expected to dry clothes in half the time and use 70% less energy than today’s products, saving American consumers money on their energy bills. With support from the Energy Department’s Building Technologies Office, ORNL and GE Appliances are in the process of scaling-up this technology to a press dryer and clothes dryer drum within the next five months.” More here.