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Farm to Plate Date Night! Eat Local Challenge is on!

honey Ted & I enjoyed our Date Night, last night at the Barr Mansion for ‘11th Annual Farm to  Plate’ benefiting the Sustainable Food Center.  Lots of $$ raised to help those in need.  honey Ted & I walked around and ate way to much. There were so many tastes. Tasty Fun! Yummy #1THING!  Heads up during the month of May the SFC Eat Local Challenge is on!  Find out more here! 

3 of our tasty favs during SFC’s Farm to Plate:

Kerbey Lane Cafe Pancake & Syrup Chocolate –  I’m not sure where to get it. I believe it was created for the night. They need to sell this!  It’s AWESOME. It tastes like KLC Pancakes w/ syrup & chocolate.. YUMMY







Lucy’s Fried Chicken Chocolate- honey Ted said it tasted just like fried chicken w/ chocolate, and was yummy!






GreenHouse Craft Food in Round Rock: Bacon chunks on top of an appetizer/ dinner type of cheesecake. honey Ted’s Fav! He went back for 2nds & I believe 3rds..






It was a wonderful night of eating and showing support for the Sustainable Food Center that does so much good for the Central Texas community.  All during the month of May the SFC Eat Local Challenge is on! Find out more here! 

A Fantabulous Date Night w/ honey Ted! Thanks to the SFC! Y’all Rock!