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StopSucking 930x218I didn’t realize that plastic straws are so scary, until I saw these numbers.

  • Americans use over 500 million straws every day. And a large portion of those straws end up floating in the ocean’s giant garbage patches, or eaten by animals.
  • An estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastics in their stomachs

Those numbers are Scary and Sad… But something Happy has happened in Seattle thanks to the #StopSucking campaign. In September, Seattle became the 1st major city to ban plastic straws.  By next summer the city won’t allow restaurants and other business to offer them. This change, just in Seattle, is expected to keep around 1 Million plastic straws out of the landfills, beach and waters per month!!!

#StopSucking campaign which has helped create a law in Seattle to ban plastic straws is backed by the  Lonely Whale Foundation. #StopSucking is a similar idea as banning plastic bags, which is the case in ATX. It’s so much nicer not seeing plastic bags in trees and all over the place flying around! What if we could do the same #1Thing w/ plastic straws.  There are such things as reusable straws, which you can use, wash and reuse.  You could keep it in your car like you do the reusable bags. When you order that Whataburger Thick Chocolate Shake, you are prepared w/out trashing up Mama Earth!

The Lonely Whale Foundation has ways we can #StopSucking to help ATX stop trashing our landfills and waters w/ plastic straws.

  • You can vote for which city you would like to see do this. ATX is on this list. I voted. You can too.. right here.
  • You can challenge your family & friends to ‘#StopSucking through social media . Click here.
  • Send a #StopSucking tool kit to managers / owners of your favorite bars, restaurants and businesses in the ATX area that use plastic straws.  Find out why #StopSucking is important and other options that can be done & used to replace the plastic strawless.  Go Plastic Strawless! Click here.

I didn’t think much about using a plastic straw and tossing it until I saw a video that showed some researchers who were trying to save a turtle by getting a straw that was stuck in his nose out. It’s hard to watch, but it does make you realize where plastic straws can go, and the harm they are doing. Click here!

Not having plastic straws lying around in our landfills and floating around in our waters, will help a whole lot. A huge 1THING  in ATX that can be done. An easy one too! #StopSucking!  #GoPlastciStrawless #SpreadtheWord 

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