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GREEN GORILLA MOVERS GREEN IN ATX 591 X218When I was  heading to work this morning, I saw a moving truck that said ‘Green Gorilla Moving’ w/ the statement of how green they are to the Biodiesel fuel they use in their trucks. So I had to look into them a bit more and they are BIG TIME MAMA EARTH FRIENDLY!

They have a lot of stats & interesting factoids that I didn’t know.   Did you know there are over 40,000,000 moves in the United States annually, which makes for a lot of paper, boxes, fuel and other wastes in Mama Earth’s Environment.  Green Gorilla Movers does things different as far as the materials they use and packing for the move compared to most.

Here are a few things:

PACKING SMART – We use reliable eco friendly packing materials that get your belongings moved safely with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Nobody wants their plastic wrap or Styrofoam peanuts hanging around 500 years after their move, so lets pack smart. Below are the packing materials we will use during your move:

GEAMI GREENWRAP:special type of packing material that’s biodegradable and compostable to wrap your belongings in. It’s cheaper than bubble wrap, provides more cushion than regular paper, and doesn’t leave behind a mess for you or the environment.

BIODEGRADABLE CELLULOSE TAPE – The tape  is made from pure plant pulp and has an all-natural rubber based adhesive. It’s strong enough to get the job done while being eco-friendly.

OXO-BIODEGRADABLE STRETCH FILM – Plastic wrap is one of the tricks of the moving trade. It keeps things from opening and protects large items from getting damaged. The only problem is that it winds up sitting in landfills. Not ours, OXO begins to biodegrade within a few days in the ground.

POWERED BY BIODIESEL -100% biodiesel (B100) sourced from DieselGreen Fuels. DieselGreen collects used cooking oil from restaurants all over central Texas and offers B100 at two locations in Austin and one in Dallas. Clean-burning biodiesel reduces our dependence on foreign oil, reduces emissions dramatically, and keeps our fuel spending in the local economy. To think that plants, recycled oil, and waste could power our trucks

CARBON NEUTRAL SUPPORT – We are proud to offset our carbon footprint with the help of some friends: Native Energy, the leading authority on carbon offsets that helps us track and reduce our impact on the environmentmakes us feel all fuzzy inside.

PAPER CUTS – Digital technology saves paper and ink.  Tablets on the job site and email to present, sign, and send all paperwork to you. In the few instances that we do use paper, we only use 100% recycled or compostable stock. Our business cards are printed with soy and vegetable zero-VOC inks.

JOhn Shelia VivianaIt was started by these 2 high school sweethearts John and Sheila Flores. Click here for their story.

“At Green Gorilla Movers, we care about more than the environment. We care about you and your move. After nearly a decade of first-hand experience in the industry, we have a good handle on what it needs, what it is missing, and what works….Green Gorilla Movers is committed to being Austin’s most environmentally friendly moving company. We are at the forefront of green moving. Not only are we the best movers in Austin, but we are the best at being gentle on the planet. We keep Austin moving by using 100% biodiesel to run our fleet. All of our packing materials are biodegradable and/or recyclable and we do all of our paperwork electronically to reduce waste, save trees, and streamline the moving process. We even wear organic cotton t-shirts on our backs. … We also give back to our community locally and volunteer our time to a lot of great local environmental organizations, keeping our backyard beautiful. A portion of our proceeds go towards saving the Gorilla species and for every move we also plant a tree in the rainforest through The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion project…”

Green Gorilla Movers are GREEN IN AUSTIN!!! Click here  to find out all about it! Something to keep in mind for a next move.

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