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[ Global Warming meets Ballet… ]

Getting people to recognize the issue of ‘Climate Change’ through art is becoming more and more popular. This is a project that is doing it through the art of Ballet! Pretty cool:…


“Iknow scientists are frustrated,” Karole Armitage, the famed dancer and choreographer, explained over the phone. “They’ve been giving the facts for more than 25 years and it hasn’t changed behavior.”

Armitage is talking about climate change, and for good reason. She’s currently staging a site-specific dance performance at New York’s sprawling American Museum of Natural History, a work that is not-so-subtly aimed at raising awareness of our planet’s shifting reality.…

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[ BLM releases Dinosaur Trail Master Leasing Plan ]

Neil Shader

The following statement on the BLM’s White River RMP Amendment can be attributed to Nada Culver, Senior Director of Agency Policy and Planning for The Wilderness Society.

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[ Coming this summer to ATX! ]

Check this out…

The Tarrytown bar won’t have meat on the menu.

Farm-to-table eating and drinking now applies to bars with the impending opening of vegan-friendly The Beer Plant, where everything will stem from greenery. The “100% plant derived” gastropub aims to only offer herbivore options, with no meat in sight.

According to a press release, they are looking to “highlight the celebratory and sensual aspects of plant-based eating.” Menu items will potentially include vegetable pot pies, Irish lager stew, and curry bowls.

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[ Conservation in danger again as Congress debates budget ]

The U.S. Senate is debating its fiscal year 2016 budget resolution, a process that will include amendments affecting important programs that support forests, parks and conservation priorities.


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[ Smart from the start: wind energy done right means a win-win for climate and wildlands ]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is mapping the windiest public lands as it searches for the best places for wind energy development.


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