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[ What do you get? ]

What do you get when you have an abandoned house, a group of florists and 48 hours?  Click here for the answer! It’s strangely Green and cool at the same time.  Mama Earth’s decorations can really add beauty to something that isn’t always that beautiful.

Go Mama Earth! HR…

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[ Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act: Balancing energy development with conservation ]

The revised Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act (PLREDA) was reintroduced into the Senate this week with strong bipartisan support.


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[ Polis bill would enhance Colorado wilderness and recreation ]

Representative Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced legislation May 20 to protect Colorado’s Central Mountains, a breathtaking area in the Rocky Mountains of Summit County and eastern Eagle County.


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[ Wilderness Society Praises Teton County Rejection of State Push to Seize Public Lands ]

Michael Reinemer

Citing some of “the most beautiful and iconic landscapes on earth” in Teton County’s backyard, the board of commissioners Tuesday morning unanimously passed a resolution that “opposes any and all efforts by the State of Wyoming to obtain the wholesale transfer of federal


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[ ‘Scoop It.. Pretty Please!…. ‘ ]

KEEP ATX CLEAN AND GREEN SCOOP IT 2015 591X218I’ve lived in an apartment complex since I moved to ATX almost 9 years ago. My honey Ted & I have gone through several neighbors moving in and out.  This time of year usually brings on many new faces around the complex. I love the fact it’s a very pet friendly complex. They even have a doggie park area. There is a rule that if your dog/animal dumps basically anywhere in the complex, you need to pick it up.

Okay, I hear the argument that it’s natural fertilizer, which would be great if it was just your doggie / pet in your yard.…

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