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[ Weekend fo Mama Earth! ]

Texas2The 14th Annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Sustainable Living Expo 2014 is happening Friday, September 26th – Sunday, September 28th. It’s at a new location this year, the Bell County Exposition Center in Belton Texas.

The event features:

  • Green & Sustainable Building
  • Water Use & Reuse
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Organic Growing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Community and Personal Action
  • Children’s Activities

People from all over Texas will come together to learn alot that will help Mama Earth and themselves

  • Prepare for a greater degree of self reliance
  • Secure their own safe and reliable water supply
  • Create a higher level of lifestyle security
  • Provide an improved quality of life
  • Build a healthier more comfortable and affordable living environment
  • Learn how to eat healthier and more sustainably
  • Develop a hedge against energy cost volatility
  • Invest personally and as a society in cleaner renewable energy resources
  • Conserve valuable finite resources
  • Save money both today and in the long haul

Get times, pricing, workshop 411, lodging and more here!

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[ For Street Carts, Is Cleaner Power as Easy as Swap Out, Plug In, Turn On? ]

A red food cart that sits on the corner of 17th Street and Broadway in New York City’s Union Square may not look different from the thousands of others scattered throughout the city, but it is unique in at least one way and that way has nothing to do with food. This Rafiqi’s cart, which serves up a high volume of halal fare to hungry New Yorkers, lacks the hammering sound of a generator that most food truck customers — and vendors — are all too familiar with: Instead, it’s plugged into a curbside charging station.…

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[ Report: forests save hundreds of lives annually ]

A recent report has proved that trees are responsible for saving more than 850 human lives every year. The USDA Forest Service also discovered that trees prevent 670,000 incidents of acute respiratory illness


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[ Hiking with Dogs: Make your trip easy on Fido and the environment ]

Hiking with dogs is a great way to spend time in nature, but doing so can have impacts on both the land and your dog. Hike the right way with our pet-friendly tips below:


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[ Coal-Dependent Arkansas Faces Stiff Emissions Target and a Running Clo ]

Under a proposed EPA rule, state officials will have to cut carbon emissions by nearly 45 percent—one of the highest targets in the country.

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