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Say No To Paper To-Go Cups!

NO TO PAPER TO GO CUP 775X515Did you know that Paper To-Go Cups are not easy or cheap to recycle, so many times they aren’t. The majority of these cups end up in landfills! The US alone tosses over 60 BILLION disposable cups each year! It’s a HUGE PROBLEM FOR MAMA EARTH!

You can do a really easy #1THING by saying ‘YES TO A REUSABLE CUP!’ I’ve been a reusable cup girlie for a few years when I get my coffee and other drinks. A bonus is several coffee places give a reusable cup discount, which seems small, but each visit adds up.…

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The real meaning of “energy dominance”: Shifting burdens from special interests to the American people

The directive ostensibly required federal agencies to identify regulations that place “burdens” on the American people.

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A prebuttal of President Trump’s “State of Delusion” address and his war on America’s public lands

Michael Reinemer

Actions to roll back protections for public lands and reverse progress on pollution control and climate change all point to the Trump administration’s goal:  Selling out public lands owned by all Americans in the pursuit of dirty energy so a handful of private interests can profit.&nb


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These 4 environmental wins just proved that fighting back works

If you’re dreading three more years of environmental threats, remember that we can still score victories.…
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Green Up Your Tea

January is National Hot Tea Month. Takes the Chill off and can be helpful when it comes to better Health, especially if you Green Up Your Tea! It’s an easy #1THING you can do!

1THIng January Tea Month

Here are a few ways thanks to the Sierra Club! Enjoy and help Mama Earth at the same time!

Buy loose-leaf tea: Opt for loose leaf tea over disposable tea bags, which use carbon-intensive packaging materials. Many tea bags also contain polypropylene mesh, which can take several years to degrade.…

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Austin Area Farmers' Markets

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