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Celebrate World Meat Free Week

Could you go a day without eating meat? In June, it all starts w/ #MeatFreeDay , June 11, which can expand into celebrating #MeatFreeWeek.  An entire week without meat. How can it be done? You could always start with going #MeatFree 1 meal, if you are a big carnivore. Finding your inner herbivore, and having it stick around longer. Knowledge is power. Going Meatless for 1 Meal makes for a Healthier Mama Earth!  Click here!

Why should I Stop Eating Meat?

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Some members of Congress want to gut Grand Canyon watershed protections in favor of mining

Anti-conservation members of Congress are urging the Trump administration to open the Grand Canyon watershed to uranium mining.


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MEDIA ADVISORY: The Wilderness Society to hold press conference releasing new economic study

Anastasia Greene



For release: May 22, 2018

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Great American Campout! Take the Pledge to Camp!

June is Great Outdoors Month! The Best way to celebrate is #GoCamping, and become one w/ Nature. Of course being mindful of 1THINGs such as not polluting and ruining the area you are Camping in. Be respectful of Mama Earth’s land & the animals.  It makes for a much Happier Camping Time.

Take the pledge to camp  -Be part of the Big Event on Saturday June 23rd. The Great American Campout.  It’s backed by the National Wildlife Federation.

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Senators Udall and Heinrich launch bill to protect Chaco Canyon

Michael Reinemer

The bill would protect Chaco ruins and the greater landscape surrounding the Chaco Culture National Historical Park by preventing any future leasing or development of minerals owned by the federal government located within a protected radius around Chaco.

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