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[ Good Jobs in the Climate-Friendly Economy ]

Good Jobs in the Climate-Friendly Economy


PEO ACWA / Flickr

 Adapted from the Labor Network for Sustainability Report “Just Transition” – Just What Is It?

We are well into the greatest economic transition ever experienced — one that will dwarf all that came before. Creating a carbon-neutral economy will require us to retool all sectors of our economy, from manufacturing, transportation, and health care to waste management, communications, energy, and more.

Frontline communities — including workers and all those threatened or already devastated by climate change and the fossil fuel economy — must be leaders in this fight. A “just transition” is one that protects and prioritizes communities and workers’ livelihoods as we build this climate-friendly economy together.

We know that coal power is a significant driver of climate change, for instance. How can we ensure that the people who work for coal companies have good jobs in the clean economy of the future?

The Eastern Kentucky Clean Energy Collaborative has created an innovative and inspiring model.

A significant portion of electricity in eastern Kentucky is provided by the East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC), a rural electric co-op serving eighty-seven counties. In 2005, EKPC got the go-ahead to build a coal plant in Clark County.

In 2009, a public interest coalition, including the Sierra Club, contested the decision. They argued that changes in energy demand and the availability of renewables made the plant unnecessary.

The coalition also knew that the issue of jobs and economic impacts would be crucial in impoverished eastern Kentucky. So they commissioned a study showing that far more jobs would be created and electric rates would be lower if EKPC invested instead in energy efficiency, weatherization, hydropower, and wind power.

The report spawned lots of positive public discussion. Community leaders shared educational materials, held meetings and hearings, and met with EKPC board members to encourage them to support the alternative to the coal plant.

About a year later, in November 2010, EKPC agreed to immediately halt plans to build the coal plant.

Even more remarkably, EKPC committed $125,000 toward a collaboration between its member co-ops and public interest groups to evaluate and recommend new energy-efficiency programs and renewable energy options in Kentucky. The Clean Energy Collaborative meets quarterly and comprises a wide range of partners, including the EKPC and its member co-ops, the public interest coalition members, and housing and economic development groups.

In late 2016, Kentuckians reached another milestone with the launch of the Empower Kentucky Summit. The event brought together renewable energy and energy efficiency professionals, faith leaders, environmentalists, social justice advocates, electric cooperatives, and many more. Here was a roadmap for the future, from the very heart of coal country.

We can build an economy that saves the climate, creates good jobs, and contributes to community well-being. Labor and justice advocates, environmental organizations and others can come together for a common vision. A just transition is within reach if we work together.


[ Happy World Vegan Month ]

HAPPY WORLD VEGAN MONTH 591X218The month of November is a celebration of all that is Veggies and meatless! A Vegan diet is 100% plant-based which means no eating animal flesh. You might not be able to go meatless 24/7, but if  one day a week, would make a Big Difference. If everyone in the US ate no meat for one day a week, it would be like taking 5 million cars off the road.  Give it a try and spread the word to help protect Mama Earth.  Click here for ATX places to grab Vegetarian/ Vegan meals!

Here are some more stats that prove 1Thing can help Mama Earth:

  • Ditching meat & cheese for 1 day a week for a year is even bigger. It’s like not driving 91 billion miles – or taking 7.6 million cars off the road.(source: Environmental Working Group)

    If everyone went vegetarian just for one day, the US would save:

  1. 100 billion gallons of water, enough to supply all the homes in New England for almost 4 months

  2. 1.5 billion pounds of crops otherwise fed to livestock, enough to feed the state of New Mexico for more than a year

  3. 70 million gallons of gas, enough to fuel all the cars of Canada and Mexico combined with plenty to spare

  4. 3 million acres of land, an area more than twice the size of Delaware

  5. 33 tons of antibiotics

(source: physicist Noam Mohr, New York University Polytechnic Institute.)

More here!

More Reasons to go Go Vegan!


[ Obama administration to decide fate of Arctic Ocean oil leasing soon ]

The Obama administration will soon finalize its five-year program for offshore oil and gas leasing on the U.S. outer continental shelf.



[ What happened at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge must never happen again, anywhere in America ]

Michael Reinemer

“What happened at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge must never happen again, anywhere in America,” said Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society. “The Bundys and their allies are out of step with the overwhelming majority of Americans who value ou


[ 2 ways to help us meet the Paris climate goals ]

With the right policies and partnerships in place we may even cut emissions ahead of schedule.


[ Colorado vineyard country threatened by oil and gas drilling plans ]

Full of pastoral valleys, high mountain peaks and rugged canyons, the Uncompahgre region includes the idyllic vineyard and farm-rich lands of the North Fork Valley, nestled on the western side of the Rocky Mountains, between Grand Junction and Montrose.



[ Climate-Friendly Offices ]

climate friendly offices 591x218There’s a new campaign that is getting lots of attention for the workplace.  Big Businesses are finding that getting in the the Green Office mode can save money, make you money and Great for Mama Earth too! A big #1Thing when it comes to the workplace.

Here’s the real Green Deal ….

“A comprehensive new energy reduction program for office buildings makes the case that cutting emissions and making money aren’t mutually exclusive. The Urban Land Institute’s Tenant Energy Optimization Program, introduced at the group’s fall meeting in Dallas yesterday, offers a blueprint for drastically cutting energy usage by commercial tenants, and has the support of some of New York City’s biggest landlords and businesses, as well as the National Resource Defense Council, which helped launch the initiative. …

The results satisfied multiple bottom lines: the installation of these energy-efficient systems saved tenants 30 to 50 percent on their energy bills ($3.5 million in total), with payback for the initial expense coming within the first three to five years, and worked in a variety of different sized offices.

“The programs’  (10 Step) step-by-step process is an effective way for companies to cut their energy costs and boost their bottom line while achieving corporate goals related to sustainable, energy-efficient workplaces,” Malkin said. “It enhances their ability to attract, retain, and motivate workers who are healthier, happier, and more productive… “

Click here  to get all the 411! 


1 Select a team

2 Select an office space

3 Set energy performance goals

4 Model energy reduction options

5 Calculate projected financial returns

6 Make final decisions

7 Develop a post-occupancy plan

8 Build out the space

9 Execute the post-occupancy plan

10 Communicate results
Learn More



[ Go Winter Green & Save Green ]

Eventually it will get cooler, even cold. I promise it will happen, it’s just taking a bit. Whe it does, you should be ready. Do 1Thing and Go Winter Green, besides helping out Mama Earth, you will save on Green too. Perfect w/ the holidays coming soon!


Here are a few Winterizing Green Tips, but many work during anytime of the year!

1.) Cover your air conditioner

2.) Caulk it

3.) Block Drafts

4.) Perform regular maintenance

5.) Upgrade your thermostat 

6.) Weatherstripping

More details & ideas 

Green Piggy Save Winter Green 591x218







[ Gobble Green this Thanksgiving… ]

Gobble Green Thanksgiving 591x218 CHHere’s 1 Holiday Thing you could try:

This Thanksgiving do as much shopping as you can at local farmers’ markets and farms for the T- meal. The average fresh food item eaten during a meal travels 1,500 miles to get there. Buying food locally has much fewer ‘Food Miles’, reduces the carbon emissions associated with local foods and also helps fight against global warming. Eat organic! You can start a Greener family tradition this Thanksgiving. #1Thing

Here are some tips when it comes to Green Holiday Feast and more: 

1.) Eat Local & in season: Localharvest.org has a searchable map so you can find foods sustainably grown and raised near you.

2.) Shop Organic:  More healthy for you and the environment by using fewer pesticides and other toxic chemicals seeping into soil and running off into rivers and lakes. Try to go organic from start to finish — and don’t forget to include organic wines and other beverages on your menu!

3.) Vegetarian – The most favorable way of eating and helps Mother Earth too. Conventional meat production is a major cause of deforestation and global greenhouse gas emissions…

4.) Decorating: Bring in Nature’s decorations for your Green Feast…

5.) Composting and Recycling:  It helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfills every holiday.

6.) Travel: Offset your carbon emissions during holiday travel. You can calculate the amount of carbon you emit and finding ways of offsetting those emissions. Click Here.

More details here


[ New poll shows strong support for Northwest Forest Plan: Voters prioritize water protection and recreation for public lands in the Pacific Northwest ]

Michael Reinemer

new poll reveals voters’ priorities for the management of a 25-million-acre network of America’s public lands, forests and rivers in Northern