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[ Summertime recycling ideas… ]

Here are some ideas on what to do with items you plan to toss out, or are lying around your home doing nothing.  A bit of elbow grease and creativity can turn an item into something useful, or even a piece of art!

Recycle Collage 61213


[ Tap vs Bottled.. ]

Congress is being asked to serve tap water instead of bottled water during the presidential inauguration. Tap water is about a penny a gallon while botted water cost about a dollar a gallon (100 times more expensive).  “Bottled water opponents say that in addition to the waste created by disposable bottles, trucking in bottled water also creates pollution.” Now bottled water fans are saying if they use bottled water, they can make sure the bottles are reusable.

Which do you prefer tap or bottled water? I think bottled water tastes better than what comes from my tap.   Here are some lists I ran across that could help make the tap more desirable and flavorful.   =
*Eight natural ways to make water taste better  Click here for more taste better ways! *If you are looking filtration system click here for pointers.
Happy Drinking!


[ What is 999Bottles? ]

A Seattle company, Artefact Group, has created this bottle:

The 999Bottle is not just another water bottle. It is a beautifully designed system that helps you track and visualize the positive impact you can have on the environment by drinking from re-usable bottles instead of disposable ones.

Americans buy 51billion bottles of water a year, and recycle less than one quarter of them. The remaining bottles end up in a landfill or as litter jeopardizing wild life andcreating unforeseen consequences to human health and the environment. Whileawareness of the negative impact of plastic bottle consumption increases,convenience and lack of motivation undermine efforts to reduce usage.The challenge: Close that gap between understanding and actual behavior, and to explore ways in which, through design, we might help motivate people to do the right thing.

The 999Bottle challenge/pledge: Stop buying bottled water, that is pretty much the same as tap water. There are numbers on the 999 bottle. Every time you fill it up, that is 1 disposable water bottle you didn’t use and dump on Mama Earth.  Click here for all the 411!

[ 4 Secrets to bottled water… ]

I’m a bit surprised by this.  How about you?

The 4 Secrets of Bottled Water

1) Bottled-Water Secret #1: It doesn’t taste any better than tap water: “researchers asked people to rate the taste of six bottled mineral waters and six types of tap water. They found that, overall, bottled water didn’t perform any better than the stuff from the tap.”

2) Bottled-Water secret #2: It’s not necessarily pure:
The Natural Resources Defense Council recently tested 1,000 bottles of water and discovered that about 22 percent of the brands in the study contained chemical contaminants at levels above state health limits.”

3) Bottled-Water
Secret #3: It may be glorified tap water:
25 percent of all bottled water comes from municipal water sources.”

4) Bottled-Water Secret #4: It’s hurting our planet:
Most water bottles are made of a plastic called polyethylene terepthalate, or PET. They take a boatload of crude oil to produce. University of Louisville researchers estimate that around 17 million barrels of oil are used each year to produce PET water bottles—a major reason why bottled water costs roughly four times as much as gasoline. Problem 2: We’re chucking our water bottles in the trash, instead of the recycling bin. Nearly 90 percent of the 30 billion PET water bottles we buy annually end up in landfills—and they take from 400 to 1,000 years to decompose.”