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[ Look what you can do with this! ]

I’m not the best at crafting, but I can appreciate it. FB friend Cyndi posted … What you can turn a plant pot into. They fit in nicely for a #1THING too. Materials you have around your home, that you would probably toss, can be turned into something this ‘Crafty Cute’.  Great way to celebrate #EarthMonth Click here for other tips thanks to our friends at Texas Disposal Systems who is celebrating 40 years keeping ATX / Central Texas Green Clean!

Click the pot to see what it turns into.


[ Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding Gift List has Eco-Friendly Love ]

Celebrities 1THING Green continues w/ the royal family. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are getting ready for Saturday, May 19th. They have asked guests to donate to a charity for wedding gifts. They picked 7 charities, and two of them show Eco-Friendly Love. #1THING The wedding gift donations full list is here.

  • Surfers Against Sewage: A national marine conservation and campaigning charity, which inspires, unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.

Hugo Tagholm, Chief Executive of Surfers Against Sewage, said: “Surfers Against Sewage is thrilled to be one of the charities chosen to benefit from donations marking the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle. Our work as a national marine conservation charity empowers tens of thousands of volunteers annually to protect beaches for everyone. We are currently focused on tackling plastic pollution and this support will help us move towards our vision of Plastic Free Coastlines.”

The Wilderness Foundation UK: Promotes the benefits and enjoyment of wild nature. Through the great outdoors, the charity helps build resilience in vulnerable teenagers, introduces rural employment to urban youth, and brings science to life. More here

Jo Roberts, CEO of The Wilderness Foundation UK, said: “We are deeply touched and honoured that Prince Harry and Ms Markle have chosen to support The Wilderness Foundation and its beneficiaries. As the world’s population grows exponentially the planet’s remaining wild places and resources are coming under increasing threat. It has never been more important for us as humans to protect the planet that gives us life. Whilst teaching conservation values, we in turn use the positive power of nature to support and recharge the lives of challenged and vulnerable young people and adults.” More here


[ National Day of Unplugging ]

Unplug 775x515TGIF (3/9) is #NationalDayofUnplugging from Sundown Friday (3/9) to Sundown Saturday (3/10) …. put all your devices away and see what you can do for 24 hours without your smart phone, tablet and other devices that keep many of us  plugged in 24/7!  Cilck here for more!

Could you kick it up a notch and unplug it all at home! Making it the ‘Ulitmate Unplugging‘ for yourself & Mama Earth!  Just a thought!
Have a Happy & hopefully less stressful weekend.  If you can’t make it 24 hours, see if you can make one hour. Might surprise yourself. #1THING

Not sure if I can do it either… so no shame throwing will come from me. HR


[ Celebrate Earth Hour! ]

Earth Hour Dreamstime 775x515Saturday Night!  March 24th! It’s Earth Hour!  8:30pm -9:30pm local time.. YOU TURN IT ALL OFF! 

What is Earth Hour? How did it get started?:

Earth Hour started as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney in 2007. Now Earth Hour is the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment. It inspires millions around the World to help planet Earth. Earth Hour is coordinated by WWF and other volunteer organizations, Earth Hour’s Greatest Strength is the Power of People. Take Action


How to participate during Earth Hour?

ToolKit     Marketing

Earth Hour’s 2017 Highlights  #EarthHour 

9 Things you can do during Earth Hour

  1. Candle-lit dinner / Livewell Principles
  2. Quiz & Game Night by Candle Light w/ Friends / WWF Quiz
  3. Star Gazing 
  4. Nightime City Walk 
  5. Nightime Bike Ride
  6. Yoga / Exercise by Candle Light
  7. Unplugged Jam Session
  8. Read a Bedtime story (use a book)
  9. Make a Green Energy Resolution 
    more here

#EarthHour    #EarthHour2018    #1THING 


[ Could there be a Real World GEOSTORM? ]

World Map Dreamstime 775x515honey Ted & I watched ‘GEOSTORM‘ via Netflix during the weekend. It stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Wu, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris….  Gerard Butler’s character is Jake, a scientist who is the head of a satellite program that helps control and stop Mama Nature’s huge storms and disasters. When you try to control Mother Nature, you know there’s going to be trouble. Of course someone will want to use it for bad. I don’t remember hearing much about this movie when it came out last October. honey Ted and I were surprised how good it was. It also gets you thinking and talking about the possibilities of this actually happening.  I’d love to say ‘No Way’, but we all know better than that … More here. 


[ Green Plays during the Big Game Party! ]

Big Game Big Green Party Tips 2018 930x218Patriots & Eagles meet in Minneapolis on February 4th for the Big Game!  Planning a Big Game Party!  How about making Green Plays at your party. It’s a Football Fun 1THING you can do!

  1. E-Invites rather than mailing ones:  Evite or PunchBowl good places to whip them up and out.
  2. Organic / Vegeterian/ Local snacks – Instead of having bags of chips & store bought dips.  Homemade and buying local can be the way to go w/ yummy  Eco-Friendly Big Game Snacks!
  3. Sustainable Beer: Here are 5 Texas Breweries that go Green and perfect for your Big Game Party!
  4. Reuse Decorations / Light it up  EnvironmentalLights.com is where eco-friendly LED lights can be found!
  5. Step down the Waste for a Green Party Touchdown!! Reduce. Reise & Recycle. Take another chance to use the 3 R’s — reduce, reuse, recycle Avoid paper products for eating and drinking. Flatwear & utensils can easily be cleaned w/ Mama Earth friendly dish cleaner.

More here… 

Now who to cheer for.. Patriots… Eagles.. I think Go P!nk doing the National Anthem and JT doing the Halftime Show! Go Pink/JT Team!


[ Eco-Friendly Toys for the Holidays ]

GoGreenToyBlocks 775x515You can Give Green to your kiddos w/ Eco-friendly Toys. Start them early helping and appreciating the world around them. There’s only 1 Mama Earth, and we need to take care of her. Here’s a list to check out. It’s #1Thing you can do.




Top 10 Toy Brands

Click here! 


[ Have a Happy Eco-Friendly Yummy Thanksgiving! ]

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it… Thursday, November 23rd! You could make it extra special doing #1THING to make your Thanksgiving more Eco-Friendly.  A Big thing for Mama Earth, and one of the best holiday gifts ever! Shannon shared some Sustainable Tips that will be helpful to do #1THING for Thanksgiving this year! Check them out… Have a Happy, Safe & Green Thanksgiving!  Enjoy w your family/ friends! #1THING

Thanksgiving is a time for many of us to gather with family and friends. Your Thanksgiving meal and the activities that go along with it present many opportunities to be sustainable and eco-friendly:

  • When shopping for your Thanksgiving meal, keep two words in mind: organic and local. These keywords will guarantee a fresher, more nutritious meal.
  • Set the table with cloth napkins and reusable dishes, glasses, and silverware. Consider renting more formal tableware that you might not use very often. Also save and reuse decorations.
  • After holiday festivities, put leftovers in recyclable containers, and share them with family, friends, or others.
  • Where possible, compost leftover food scraps, leaves, and grass clippings.
  • After the meal, fill your dishwasher to capacity before running it. You will run fewer cycles, which saves energy.
  • Wash and reuse empty glass and plastic jars, milk jugs, coffee cans, dairy tubs, and other similar containers that would otherwise get thrown away. These containers can be used to store leftovers.
  • Show your guests where to put recyclables such as aluminum, glass, and plastic beverage containers.
  • Avoid placing hard, thick, or waxy food scraps down the drain. These materials can clog the pipes or damage garbage disposal blades and send parts of your sink to the landfill before their time.
  • Buy products in concentrate, bulk, or in refillable containers. Many items are available in these sizes. They reduce packaging waste and can save you money! Combine waste reducing practices, such as buying coffee in bulk and storing it in your leftover empty coffee cans.
  • Instead of firmly planting yourself in front of the TV for the day, consider getting some fresh air or playing a board game. Take advantage of the time together with friends and family while decreasing your energy usage.
  • If you going away from home for the holidays, to save energy, turn down your thermostat and put lights on timers.
  • November is an excellent time of year to conduct neighborhood food or clothing drives to help those in need.



[ 9th Annual Amazon in Austin Celebration ]

Amazon in Austin 775x515Rainforest Partnership is hosting an extraordinary Thursday night (10/26) of soul-soothing rainforest sights and sounds, mouthwatering food, and revitalizing drinks. Expect the unexpected at the beautiful and historic 800 CONGRESS! Enjoy a delicious dinner, auction and entertainment by Andean Fusion and Tony Morris, all in support of this amazing locally-headquartered global organization!

Mayor Adler, climate champion, will inspire w/ a speech on importance of Tropical Rainforest Protection. Austin filmmaking legend and Academy Award nominated director Richard Linklater’s video interview on the reality of climate change.

Enjoy mouthwatering South American cuisine served by Lima Criolla, with elegant dessert by Barr Mansion and drink from  Tito’s, Materra and Holy Kombucha.

Silent Auction that includes:

  • Walk-on role in a Richard Linklater film
  • Week’s stay at a luxury vacation cottage in Kauia, Hawaii
  • -Week’s stay at a gorgeous Tuscany ranch style home near Marfa, TX
  • Kendra Scott mystery  boxes
    and more..

A  Fabulous #1Thing you can do to help Rainforests and Climate Change.   Get Tickets

Rainforest Partnership’s mission:
To protect and regenerate tropical rainforests by working with the people of the forests to develop sustainable livelihoods that empower and respect both people and nature.

Climate Change & Rainforests
are the lungs of our planet. Rainforest Partnership joins 90% of scientists who believe in climate change and are concerned by what the future holds.



[ Happy Green Halloween 1Thing Treats ]

Tricks to Make Your Halloween a Treat for Mother Nature! A Yummy & Fun 1Thing to try this Halloween

1.) Instead of buying a costume that will be worn once & thrown away, make costumes from old clothes & other items you have around the house. You can also get inexpensive costume materials from thrift stores or yard sales, or trade costumes with friends to get something “new” & different to wear. After Halloween, wash & store your costumes for use in subsequent years, trade with friends, or donate the clothing from which they were made to day care centers, homeless shelters, or charities.

2.) Use recycled & recyclable materials to create your Halloween decorations. Bed sheets hung from the ceiling or tree branches make great ghosts & can be taken down, laundered, & returned to the linen closet when Halloween is over. Turn off or unplug holiday lights during the day. Doing so will not only save energy, but will also help your lights last longer. Instead of throwing away your Halloween decorations each year, store & reuse them year after year, just as you do decorations for many other holidays.

3.) Host a Halloween party that features organic, locally grown pumpkins for carving, apples for bobbing, & other pesticide-free, locally grown foods appropriate to the holiday & the harvest season. Set the table with cloth napkins & reusable dishes, glasses, & silverware. Consider renting more formal tableware that you might not use very often.

4.) Once the jack-o-lanterns have been carved & the games have ended, apples & pumpkins can be used in pies, muffins, soups, or other dishes. You can also roast pumpkin seeds & serve them to your guests.

5.) If you don’t already compost, Halloween is a great time to start. You can add post-Halloween jack-o-lanterns to your compost bin, along with fallen leaves, food scraps, & other organic, biodegradable yard & household waste.

6.) When your little ghosts & goblins go trick-or-treating, make sure they carry reusable bags or containers that don’t need to be discarded after they are used. Cloth or canvas shopping bags, or even pillowcases, make terrific eco-friendly alternatives to paper or plastic bags, or to the molded plastic jack-o-lanterns many kids use to collect candy.

7.) When the neighborhood ghouls show up, give them treats that also treat the environment gently. There is a growing variety of eco-friendly candy—from organic chocolate to organic lollipops—available online and from local organic groceries, health food stores, or consumer cooperatives. Choose treats that use little or no packaging. Whenever possible, buy locally produced treats from local merchants.

8.) Rather than drive to other neighborhoods, stick close to home this Halloween & walk from house to house to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution. If you are attending a party, use public transportation or ride your bicycle. If traveling by car is really the only way to join in Halloween fun, try carpooling.

9.) Teach your children to keep candy wrappers in their bags until they return home, or to dispose of them in trash cans along their route. Preventing candy wrappers from becoming Halloween litter on the street is the right way to treat the environment. Take along an extra bag when you take the kids out treat-or-treating, and pick up litter along the way to help clean up the neighborhood.


More Green Halloween tips/ideas:

*Halloween Candy/treat ideas click here!

*More ways to celebrate a Green Halloween here