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[ Happy Green Halloween 1Thing Treats ]

Tricks to Make Your Halloween a Treat for Mother Nature! A Yummy & Fun 1Thing to try this Halloween

1.) Instead of buying a costume that will be worn once & thrown away, make costumes from old clothes & other items you have around the house. You can also get inexpensive costume materials from thrift stores or yard sales, or trade costumes with friends to get something “new” & different to wear. After Halloween, wash & store your costumes for use in subsequent years, trade with friends, or donate the clothing from which they were made to day care centers, homeless shelters, or charities.

2.) Use recycled & recyclable materials to create your Halloween decorations. Bed sheets hung from the ceiling or tree branches make great ghosts & can be taken down, laundered, & returned to the linen closet when Halloween is over. Turn off or unplug holiday lights during the day. Doing so will not only save energy, but will also help your lights last longer. Instead of throwing away your Halloween decorations each year, store & reuse them year after year, just as you do decorations for many other holidays.

3.) Host a Halloween party that features organic, locally grown pumpkins for carving, apples for bobbing, & other pesticide-free, locally grown foods appropriate to the holiday & the harvest season. Set the table with cloth napkins & reusable dishes, glasses, & silverware. Consider renting more formal tableware that you might not use very often.

4.) Once the jack-o-lanterns have been carved & the games have ended, apples & pumpkins can be used in pies, muffins, soups, or other dishes. You can also roast pumpkin seeds & serve them to your guests.

5.) If you don’t already compost, Halloween is a great time to start. You can add post-Halloween jack-o-lanterns to your compost bin, along with fallen leaves, food scraps, & other organic, biodegradable yard & household waste.

6.) When your little ghosts & goblins go trick-or-treating, make sure they carry reusable bags or containers that don’t need to be discarded after they are used. Cloth or canvas shopping bags, or even pillowcases, make terrific eco-friendly alternatives to paper or plastic bags, or to the molded plastic jack-o-lanterns many kids use to collect candy.

7.) When the neighborhood ghouls show up, give them treats that also treat the environment gently. There is a growing variety of eco-friendly candy—from organic chocolate to organic lollipops—available online and from local organic groceries, health food stores, or consumer cooperatives. Choose treats that use little or no packaging. Whenever possible, buy locally produced treats from local merchants.

8.) Rather than drive to other neighborhoods, stick close to home this Halloween & walk from house to house to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution. If you are attending a party, use public transportation or ride your bicycle. If traveling by car is really the only way to join in Halloween fun, try carpooling.

9.) Teach your children to keep candy wrappers in their bags until they return home, or to dispose of them in trash cans along their route. Preventing candy wrappers from becoming Halloween litter on the street is the right way to treat the environment. Take along an extra bag when you take the kids out treat-or-treating, and pick up litter along the way to help clean up the neighborhood.


More Green Halloween tips/ideas:

*Halloween Candy/treat ideas click here!

*More ways to celebrate a Green Halloween here


[ Celebrities are saying “NO!” … ]

Adelewiththehand775x515 Robert Credit USA todayInStyle magazine recently released a list of 33 Celebrities who have said ‘NO to Eating Meat’. Adele, Liam Hemsworth and more… Check out why they ‘Don’t Eat Meat‘ or very little when it comes to their diet. They are all doing #1Thing that is helping Mama Earth! Click here to see which celebrities are members of the ‘NO MEAT EATERS CLUB!’ 


[ Asking Celebrities What’s Your 1Thing ]

LiamPayne1DUSAToday 775x515It’s #1Thing Liam Payne & friends do for Mama Earth that help keep her waters clean…. What’s your #1Thing? Click here!







[ Eco-Friendly Celebrities to Follow on Instagram ]

LeonardoDiCaprio 780x520 Dan MacMedan CreditGreen Star Power comes from these popular celebrities. They do #1Things for Mama Earth. Follow them and see what’s up!





Eco- Friendly Celebrities on Instagram:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Shailene Woodley

Gisele Bundchen

Salma Hayek

Jessica Alba

Mark Ruffalo

Adrian Grenier

Gwyneth Paltrow


[ Have a Happy Green Father’s Day ]

EcoFriendlyFathersDay 591x218 TExtDaddy’s Day is Sunday. There’s always room for doing #1Thing for Dad & Mama Earth.  Here are some ideas…

8 Things to Make it a Greener Father’s Day!

1.) Hit a local trail or park – Check out trail finder, visit a National Park, or make it a tradition to plant a Father’s Day tree!

2.) Pamper Dad the coffee lover.  Visit the Rainforest Alliance for eco friendly products.

3.) Get angling – Check out  sustainable fishing

4.) Give the gift of sun power – Hand-cranked solar powered chargers.

5.) Green the gym routine – Check out the  green fitness guide.

6.) Father’s Day grill – Here are some tips for keeping the “heat” out of summer cooking and preparing the perfect outdoor picnic.

7.) Ditch the disposables Razors – Go for a straight razor or a safety razor. Keep more plastic from getting into landfills and oceans/ waterways.

8.) Green Brew –  find out how you can green your brew

More here! 


[ Family Fun with the Great American Campout ]

GreatCAmpout 591zx218The National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Campout is a fun way for familie and friends to connect w/ nature, wildlife and each other. Get unplugged and enjoy camping the way nature intended it.  In your backyard, neighborhood, local parks… wherever you feel comfortable and it’s okay to camp there. Make plans to do it Saturday, June 24th.

Many of us are guilty of hunkering down inside playing video games, working on computers, socializing via social media, binge watching shows… Take a  weekend and enjoy Nature. Your body, mind and spirit will benefit greatly having outdoor fun.

The Great American Campout is a part of the ‘Great Outdoors Month’ in June. A month to highlight the many kinds of outdoor activities you can do to strengthen your bonds w/ nature and each other. Click here for more 411.  Take the pledge to camp.. if you can’t do it Saturday, June 24th, then do it at least once this Summer. You may find once isn’t enough!  Here are some more tips on how to Go Green Camping! #1Thing that is fun while helping out Mama Earth.



[ Green Ways to Say Go Away Bug ]

MosquitoChemFreewriteup40317591x218Bugs Go away  Chem FreeSpringtime after a warmer winter will bring out ‘Pests’, ‘Bugs’.. what I like to call ‘Buggies’.  When they come out, it can be difficult to make them… Go Away, so you can enjoy  the warmth outside and inside your home. My friends at ABC / Chem Free had a really interesting write up on their blog that was in their email newsletter.  The blog contained a bunch of helpful tips on how certain plants can let the bugs know they aren’t welcome, Go Away! Don’t come back to play. Paired w/ their Mama Earth Friendly treatments, your backyard party or just opening up your door to get in the house,won’t be so dramatic because you are getting eaten up by ‘Buggies’.  Awesome #1Thing to help Mama Earth, especially during the month of April.. It’s Earth Month!

What to look for when it comes to Mosquito repellent plants. Some of them may help just by being planted near sitting areas, while others are most effective when crushed and rubbed on the skin, or in commercial essential oils.

ABC /Chem Free Mosquito Repellent Plant Suggestions:

1.) CITRONELLA GRASS AND LEMONGRASSThe difference how each one can help for a non-buggie home patio experience

2.) THE MINT FAMILY: LEMON BALM, CATNIP, BEE BALM AND PEPPERMINT -Many different kinds of plants in the mint family are excellent insect repellents.

3.) ROSEMARY –Rosemary can also help run off mosquitoes from your next cookout. Toss a few sprigs of rosemary into the coals.

4.) MOSQUITO PLANT – Rub the leaves on your skin for a bit of an anti-mosquito effect. (NOT the best out of many options)

5.) LAVENDER – Many people love the scent of lavender, but mosquitoes can’t stand it. ( Good to know)

6.) BASIL –  The oils in basil that give it its trademark scent and taste are also toxic to mosquito larvae.

Click here  to find out how to make these plants work for you. Thanks to ABC / Chem Free! Y’all Rock! 


[ Happy Earth Hour! ]

EArthHOurclock 591x218 2Shannon sent me a  reminder heads up about Earth Hour tomorrow night. Unplug it all. Turn off the lights.. enjoy the company of your family and friends while saving energy. It’s a Win / Win for all.

Tomorrow/ Saturday  from 8:30p-9:30p local time, turn off your lights for the hour(or even longer)…you’ll be raising awareness for the planet(and saving energy and combatting light pollution) during Earth Hour

Things to do during the hour with the lights off…click here.

Here are a few healthy things(wellness committee shout out) to do during Earth Hour…find them here.

And you can find out all about Earth Hour here.


[ Get Your Office involved … #1Thing ]

1THING EARTHSHARE OFFICE AND HOME 591X218Entercom Radio has been a Big Supporter of EarthShare going on 20 years. Employees in all their markets have a chance to help Environmental / Eco-Friendly organizations through EarthShare. It’s an easy #1Thing to do, and helping organizations locally or even worldwide.

EarthShare is celebrating their 25Th year. There is an EarthShare Texas where you can help more local and statewide causes.  ESTX makes it easy as possible to help w/ environmental / Mama Earth issues.  Donations can be made directly out of your payroll from $1 and up. You can pick which organization it goes too, or just to EartShare TX in general and they  will be sure to spread it among all the orgazinations in need to protect Mama Earth.  ES History

Entercom ATX has an in office campaign kicking off in April with EarthShare for Earth Month. It could be something to consider doing at your workplace. Click here more more 411.

There are also several ways to help out through EarthShare at home w/ your family. Click here.   It’s a 1Thing that helps MANY Things when it comes to preserving and saving Mama Earth and those that live on her.


[ National Day Of Unplugging ]

NO POWER UNPLUGGED DAY 591x 291 3317 3417Friday (3/3) starting at Sundown to Saturday (3/4) is  ‘National Day of Unplugging’. Turn the cell phone & tablets off.  Power the laptops/ computers down! NO plugging back in for juice.. ! Spend more time w/ your family without the annoyances of technology with social media, texting and all the forms of digital technology that takes up your time, and keeps you from spending quality time w/ family and friends.

This could also be turned into a #1Thing that would also save on energy and help Mama Earth. Put it away and enjoy Mama Nature and slow down a bit during these 24 hours!  Yes,  24 hours! Can you do that?  I’m not sure I can either, but even doing it for a few hours is better than not at all. Give it a try and see what you can do. Maybe from there you can make a conscious effort to do it one day a week. Or maybe a couple hours a few days a week.  It could turn into a Great Thing for you, family and Mama Earth! Click here for what’s up.  #Unplug