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[ Easy July 1Things … ]

July 1thing 591x2128July in Central Texas is full on Summer.. Hot..usually Drier…  there are 1Things you can do to help ATX stay Happy & Healthy which makes Mama Earth Happy too…

1.) Ditch the Dryer – Get a clothsline up and hang your laundry. Bonus: Eco- Friendly Laundry Detergents

2.) Unplug Standbye Appliances – So many appliances that aren’t in use, but are unplugged are still using energy, which is wasteful. Unplug them when you’re not using them. It’s a 1Thing to help out Mama Earth. It’s also a Green saver too when it comes to your electric bill. Win/ Win

3.) Stay Hydrated – Living in the ATX area in July.. IT’S HOT! It’s really important to stay hydrated when you are outside, working, exercising or having fun! Using a reusable water / drink bottle is a #1Thing we can all do, that will help Mama Earth.  You can fill it w/ Austin hydration drinks too. You can stay Green & Healthy while showing #AustinLove at the same time!

4.) Drive Slower / More Eco-Friendly Driving Habits: Here are some #1Things you can do when you’re getting around  in your ride in ATX!

Just remember if everyone does #1Thing each day, it will help the Earth in which we all live. Find your #1Thing.


[ Reebok’s Mama Earth Friendly Shoes are made of corn… ]

Corn Cotton Sneaker art 21Here’s a  1Thing when it comes to your footwear, thanks to Reebok. They have found that using a certain type of corn w/ an organic cotton upper, makes the shoe a whole lot more Mama Earth Friendly. The Classic Reebok looking sustainable sneaker has gone through numerous tests, and it’s looking good as a shoe that could be worn and take wear and tear.

When Mama Earth Friendly Reeboks are ready to retire, the entire shoe is biodegradable. Which makes their end game w/ organic cotton and corn-based sole compostable…. Mama Earth Friendly! Click here for more and see what they look like! #1Thing.


[ Here’s a Holiday 1Thing… ]

Here’s a 1Thing you can do w/ a toilet paper roll.  Pretty cool… Click Here! 


[ Green Tips for the Holidays ]

So you live a green lifestyle all year long. You recycle, you minimize your impact by bringing your own bags and using a reusable cup for your morning coffee, you drive a low-emission car, and program your thermostat….you are set, right? Did you consider ways to green the holidays???? It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a difference!

* An obvious way would be to buy recycled wrapping paper, but you could take it a step further and use your old newspaper, or wrap it in another gift, such as a tablecloth, a scarf or a reusable shopping bag.

* As for the tree, real or fake? Cutting down trees and branches for decorations kills or injures trees, but a lot of the fake pine stuff is made from PVC which is toxic and energy intensive to make the plastic which releases gasses. There are fake pine decorations made from polyethylene which doesn’t carry the same health risks. Or use a potted real tree that can be planted in the spring.

*If you do use a real tree, be sure to give it new life at the end of the season! Mulch it or chip it. For more ideas check out the National Christmas Tree Association (www.realchristmastrees.org) and learn how to recycle it.

*LED lights are easy to find and will use a fraction of the energy that lights used to use. Use a timer for outdoor lights so they don’t stay on all night!

*Try upcycling! Get a little creative and turn something discarded into something usable. Recycle your old candles, jeans, tissue boxes, revamp glass bottles and jars, or turn old cookie tins into new fabulous gift tins. Pinterest.com is full of great ideas, just search UPCYCLE. There are thousands of ideas, surely one will appeal to you and your skill level.
Upcycle Candles
Glass Bottles and Jars
Give cookie tins a new life 

*Give green. Instead of giving someone another dust collector, donate to a charity that you or your recipient believe in. It’s a win-win! Some ideas to get you started:
Gifts that Give More
70 Years of Family Farming 
Sierra Club 
Nature Conservancy 

*If you do shop, shop local. Support the businesses in your local community and spend less gas driving all over. Art and craft shows are prevalent this time of year and you can support a local artist and give a gift of something thoughtful and artful. Pottery bowls can be esthetically pleasing and functional, or a hand knitted hat is stylish and warm.

*Eco-friendly gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Try gift cards for a group of friends to take a cooking class together. Make some jelly or jam, or bread that can be frozen for later. Be really green and give a worm composter so less food waste goes into the landfill. Try cloth dish towels and napkins as a gift to replace the paper ones. Give a fancy reusable water bottle or coffee/tea travel mug. Be super practical, and give LED bulbs or a blanket for the hot water heater. Reusable shopping bags are handy too! Programmable thermostat. Bus/train passes. Glass storage containers. A basket of nontoxic cleaners. Beeswax candles. Coupons to exchange for your time (ie babysitting or sharing a meal). Donate time to a local environmental group.

Eco Christmas
Eco Friendly Décor
Green Christmas 
Unique and Cheap Eco Friendly Gifts 
Green Gift Ideas

* December 30th is National Bicarbonate of Soda Day! Otherwise known as ordinary baking soda, bicarb has so many uses it belongs in every green house. Surely you have used it for your baked goods….but have you tried it as a facial scrub? Toothpaste? Or even deodorant? A paste of baking soda can relieve the itch from bug bites, and putting it in a bath can help relieve itchy skin and help you relax. Use it as a scrub to remove burnt on stuff from your pots and pans, mix it with vinegar to clean your sinks and tub, or even sprinkle it on your carpet before vacuuming to remove odors. And if you overindulge this season, use half a teaspoon in a glass of water to help with heartburn and indigestion.

51 Uses for Baking Soda





PHILADELPHIA – AUGUST 15, 2016 – Entercom Communications (NYSE: ETM) – Entercom is launching a nationwide public service announcement (PSA) campaign on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), for which the company is donating $1 million worth of free airtime. The PSA will feature Academy Award-nominated actor Don Cheadle discussing the importance of stabilizing the global climate for our children and grandchildren. The PSAs will run across 124 of Entercom’s stations in 27 top markets in the country beginning in August.


“I’m happy to help introduce more people to the great work of EDF,” said Cheadle, a film and television star and climate activist who donated his time to the project. “We’re in the fight of our lives against climate change and EDF has been a real leader in that struggle. So I hope this helps.”


The campaign is part of a larger Entercom initiative, 1THING, committed to promoting good environmental practices both externally among listeners and business partners and internally among employees.


“Entercom is deeply committed to reducing our environmental footprint and working to be a good corporate citizen to help ensure a sustainable planet for our children and grandchildren,” said David Field, President and CEO, Entercom Communications Corp.  “We are proud to partner with the Environmental Defense Fund and help support their mission of solving the most critical environmental problems facing our planet.”


“I am grateful to David Field and Entercom for this generous donation that will help build our impact and bring our work to the attention of so many Americans,” said EDF President Fred Krupp. “And I’m grateful to Don Cheadle for the incredible gift of his time and talent. Without this kind of powerful support, we would not be able to do what we do.”


Entercom has previously partnered on PSA campaigns for Conservation International (CI), featuring Harrison Ford; 350.org, featuring Ellen Page; and most recently the Wilderness Society, featuring Dave Matthews, Betty White and Wendie Malick.


Founded in 1967, EDF builds lasting solutions to the world’s biggest environmental problems, finding the ways that work so people and nature can prosper. Learn more at http://www.edf.org.




Esther-Mireya Tejeda



About Entercom Communications Corp.

Entercom Communications Corp. (NYSE: ETM) is the fourth-largest radio broadcasting company in the U.S., reaching and engaging more than 40 million people a week through its 124 highly rated stations in 27 top markets across the country. Entercom is a purpose-driven company, deeply committed to entertaining and informing its listeners with the best locally curated music, news, sports, and talk content, driven by compelling local personalities.  Entercom delivers superior ROI by connecting its customers and audiences through its leading local brands and unparalleled local marketing solutions, which include over 4,000 events each year, and its SmartReach Digital product suite.  Learn more about Philadelphia-based Entercom at www.Entercom.com, Facebook and Twitter (@entercom).




[ Look Who’s Sharing a Ride with JC. ]

share a ride flipper 1 thing 591 x 218There’s a Big Shared Ride happening tonight  (7/20) w/ Carpool Karaoke. You’ll can watch Star Power doing a great 1Thing for Mama Earth … SHARING A RIDE. Plus having Lots of Fun while doing it. Click here!


[ It’s National Dump the Pump Day – Thursday 6/16 ]

Gas Pump 775x515It’s the 11th year for ‘Dump the Pump Day’.  It’s 1Thing you could do that would be awesome for Mama Earth and also save you money. It’s a day that encourages trying other forms of transportation that may be available to you. Click here to find out more.

Cap MetroBus
Cap MetroRail
Cap MetroRapid

Biking, walking and carpooling are also huge helps when it comes to helping out Mama Earth and not spend so much $$$ gassing up.


May your travels be as gas free as you can be! #NationalDumpthePumpDay  #1Thing



[ Getting Rid of the E-Waste! ]

Entercom ATX’s  Chief Engineer Brad & IT Manager Kasey are doing 1Thing today by getting rid of old computers/E-Waste the right way….  Click the photo to see what’s up! 

Video screen shot photo


[ 2016 Eco- Resolution… ]

PICK AN ECO RESOLUTION 591X218It’s amazing how quick 2015 is flying by. Next week, Christmas and the following is New Years… 2016.  In 2016 you could make a resolution to do 1 Thing that would help Mama Earth. Here’s some ideas/ 411 from EarthShare. They can even help you with support to keep the resolution. No pressure. Check it out and see what you might be able to do through the year of 2016. Maybe it can be continued. Something as easy as using reusuable bags or even turning off the water when brushing your teeth is a huge help. Especially when you do it on a daily basis.

Here is the list! Check it out. Click here to try it out!  Happy 2016! 1 Thing for the New Year will make a positive difference for Mama Earth!


[ Really??!!! ]

Terri Oct pix 1This head line caught my eye!

Air Pollution Is Responsible For 3.3

Million Deaths Every Year

If things don’t change, the death toll will double.

It’s not a Happy head line, but it did catch my eye to check out the story. Here are some tibits that surprised me:

“…According to a new study that includes this surprise: Farming plays a large role in smog and soot deaths in industrial nations.

Scientists in Germany, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Harvard University calculated the most detailed estimates yet of the toll of air pollution, looking at what caused it. The study also projects that if trends don’t change, the yearly death total will double to about 6.6 million a year by 2050.

The study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, used health statistics and computer models. About three quarters of the deaths are from strokes and heart attacks, said lead author Jos Lelieveld at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Germany.

The findings are similar to other less detailed pollution death estimates, outside experts said.

About 6 percent of all global deaths each year occur prematurely due to exposure to ambient air pollution. This number is higher than most experts would have expected, say, 10 years ago,” said Jason West, a University of North Carolina environmental sciences professor who wasn’t part of the study but praised it.

Air pollution kills more than HIV and malaria combined, Lelieveld said.  Really..

Agricultural emissions are becoming increasingly important but are not regulated, said Allen Robinson, an engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who wasn’t part of the study but praised it.

Ammonia air pollution from farms can be reduced “at relatively low costs,” Robinson said. “Maybe this will help bring more attention to the issue.”

In the central United States, the main cause of soot and smog premature deaths is power plants; in much of the West, it’s traffic emissions.

Jason West and other outside scientists did dispute the study’s projections that deaths would double by 2050. That’s based on no change in air pollution. West and others said it’s likely that some places, such as China, will dramatically cut their air pollution by 2050.

And Lelieveld said that if the world reduces a different air pollutant — carbon dioxide, the main gas causing global warming — soot and smog levels will be reduced as well, in a “win-win situation in both directions.”


Catch the entire article here. Carbon footprint is more important than ever. Cutting it down will definitely help Mama Earth.  Walk, Bike carpool more…. 1Thing can be cutting down on the air pollutants which will help everyone and the Earth.